10 Ways to celebrate National Library Week

Celebrate National Library Week

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By Amy Adams ι April 15, 2014

It’s National Library Week!

Here are a few ways you can celebrate:

  • Get/Renew/Use Your Library Card: Maybe you are new to town or have just never gotten one. Maybe it’s been a few years since you pulled it out. Or maybe you are one of the people in the library every week. Whatever your circumstances, the best way to support the library is to use it.
  • Come Visit Us: This one ties in closely with the first, but even if you don’t have a need for

    Art quilts by Shawn Delker

    movies, books or video games, still stop by. Take a look at our latest exhibit in Gallery 708. Shawn Delker’s art quilts are spectacular! Find a comfy spot and connect to our Wi-Fi. Take your kiddos to the Imagination Station or attend one of many events.

  • Tell Us Why You Came: When you do stop by the library, make sure to fill out a National Library Week card to add to our community display. You can find the cards at the table between Information Services and the DVDs.
  • Enter Our Drawing: Also at the National Library Week table, we have entry forms for a drawing. We are giving away a $25 gift certificate to Books-a-Million and one to Ad Astra Books and Coffee House.
  • Get Discounts With Your Library Card: Several Salina businesses have offered to give discounts when you show your library card during National Library Week. Don’t have a library card? Refer to the first bullet.
  • Post and Tweet: First of all, I hope you are all following us on Facebook and Twitter. Once you have that taken care of, help us spread the word by sharing or retweeting library events and updates.
  • Talk About Us: I’m betting you still talk to people face-to-face on occasion. You might mention that you checked you latest book out from the library or that you are headed to class on Sunflower eLibrary or that a friendly librarian helped you find some information.
  • Join the Friends: If you love the library and want to support it on a regular basis, consider joining the Friends of the Library.
  • Write to Your Legislator: It never hurts for our lawmakers, at both the state and local level, to receive reminders that people receive value from the library.
  • Sign the Declaration for the Right to Libraries: Show your support for libraries around the country by sign the declaration which says, “we believe libraries are essential to a democratic society.”

Amy Adams

Amy Adams is the library’s Public Relations Coordinator.