Automatically Yours, Standing Orders and Lists

Patterson and Johansen Bestsellers

By Mark Messenger Ι Sept. 27, 2015

Salina Public Library participates in several automatic or “standing order” purchasing plans for popular books and audiovisual materials. For books, the vendor Baker & Taylor offers the “Automatically Yours” program. This is a customized list of popular authors whose printed works, when published, are automatically purchased by the library. Authors such as John Grisham, Danielle Steel, Sandra Brown, James Patterson, Janet Evanovich, and Stephen King are just a few examples — there are over 900 authors on our Automatically Yours list.

Baker & Taylor provides advanced notice of publishing dates and titles are added to the library’s online catalog as “on-order” records a few months before the release date, so patrons can begin placing Holds on these books early. Since the library receives these popular titles automatically, we do not take purchase requests for them, but encourage patrons to check our catalog or ask Information Services if the books are available to be placed on Hold.

Many authors’ books are very popular and Holds lists can get pretty long. Since the library only purchases one or two copies for our permanent collection, we lease extra copies of books from the vendor McNaughton to fulfill the high Hold demand. These leased copies get a call number of POP and as the Hold demand goes down they are returned to McNaughton.

Additionally, the library participates in a variety of standing order plans for our popular CD music, audiobook, and DVD movie collections. I maintain and update a List in our online catalog that highlights upcoming popular movie DVD releases that we get through our Box Office Hits automatic plan. Check this List often to see upcoming movie releases and place Holds on them.

Another great way to watch for upcoming releases of books and other materials is to sign up for Wowbrary. This notification system allows patrons to see what’s new and coming to the library and provides convenient links to our catalog to place Holds and check availability.