This policy provides the rules and guidelines for public participation at Salina Public Library meetings. The policy ensures that members of the public are allowed to present their views while permitting the Salina Public Library Board to conduct meetings in an efficient and effective manner. The Public Comment Policy will apply to regular, special and budget meetings.

A sign-in sheet is available to all persons wishing to participate and address the Salina Public Library Board. Speakers should sign-in prior to the start of the meeting.  Those who wish to be placed on the sheet in advance of the meeting may contact Library Director, Melanie Hedgespeth. 785-825-4624 x226

The Board President will call names from the sign-in sheet in the order they are listed. Anyone not on the sign-in sheet may not provide comments. 

During the course of the Board meeting, comments will not be accepted from the audience.

In the absence of the Board President, another presiding officer will step in and handle public comments.

When all listed speakers on the sign-in sheet have been heard, the Board President will declare the public comment section of the meeting closed and resume the meeting agenda.


  • Public comments must pertain to an item listed on the agenda or to an issue that is relevant to the Board’s work. The Board President retains the right to stop any speaker who raises issues that are not on the agenda or are not germane to the duties of the Library.
  • All comments shall be made with civility and courtesy. Comments should be respectful of all. The Board President may prohibit further comment if proper decorum is not displayed.
  • All comments will be directed to the Board President. The Board President is the designated spokesperson. The Board President may direct questions or elicit responses from other Board members. 
  • The public comment period is not a question and answer period. The board is not obligated to respond to comments. 
  • Individuals must provide his/her full name and city of residence. 
  • Individuals, unless otherwise provided by the Board President, will be allowed 5 minutes to address the Board. 
  • Groups must provide the group name.
  • Members of a group will identify a spokesperson, who must provide his/her full name and city of residence. The spokesperson will be allowed 5 minutes to address the Board as the primary representative. Other group members wishing to speak will be provided a 3 minute time limit if they are on the sign-in sheet.  Those members must also provide his/her full name and city of residence.

Revision Date(s): 11/17/2020
Latest Reviewed & Approved Date: 11/17/2020