ROOMS-001: Meeting Rooms

The meeting rooms are available at no charge to non-profit groups to help serve the community’s needs for educational, informational and cultural enrichment.

For-profit organizations are required to pay the following user fees for a meeting room. Please contact the business office or go online to complete payment.

  • Library Conference Room 1 & 2 — $5 per hour
  • Library Prescott Meeting Room — $10 per hour
  • Library Tech Center Classroom — $5 per hour
  • Library Tech Center Conference Room – $5 per hour
  • McKenzie Center Room 1 & 2 — $10 per hour

All rooms shall hereinafter be referred to as meeting rooms.

Meetings and programs must be held during the normal operating hours of the Library. The Director or Assistant Director may approve the use of the Library and McKenzie Center beyond Library Hours. All use of the meeting rooms is subject to the approval of the Director or Assistant Director.

Library-sponsored or co-sponsored meetings and programs take precedence over scheduling meetings for other groups at all times. This includes the McKenzie Center.

Room reservations must be made by a patron of at least 18 years of age. The patron making the reservation must be in the room and is responsible to follow all policies.

No purely social functions are allowed in the meeting rooms. This includes but is not limited to weddings, anniversaries, receptions, funerals, birthday parties, reunions, private parties, pageants, talent or trade shows. Groups must adhere to the maximum attendance numbers for each room. Total meeting room attendance numbers may be adjusted by the Library as necessary.

  • Library Conference Room #1: 6
  • Library Conference Room #2: 8
  • Library Tech Center Classroom: 10
  • Library Tech Center Conference Room: 8
  • Library Prescott Meeting Room: 60
  • McKenzie Center Room #1: 20
  • McKenzie Center Room #2: 30

Meeting or program attendees should note that unattended children are not permitted in the Library facilities.

The meeting rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations should be made in advance and can be made up to 60 days in advance, with a limit of five total active reservations. Same-day scheduling can be done based on availability. Same day scheduling requires contacting library staff.

Rooms are held for 15 minutes past the reservation time. If the person who reserved the room has not arrived within 15 minutes of the reservation the room will be released to others for use. If the person who reserved the room will not need the reservation, they are expected to cancel online or call the Library.  Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance.  Payments made will only be reimbursed if cancellations occur at least 24 hours prior to the reservation.  Those who do not cancel and are no-shows repeatedly,  will no longer be allowed to make future room reservations. 

Meetings must not be of a nature that would interfere with the normal business of the Library. Music and noise must be kept at a reasonable level. Please do not attach anything to the walls, ceiling or floor.

Solicitation by any person inside/outside the meeting room is prohibited except for Library events. Library meeting rooms are not to be used as a sales or product promotional presentation, either directly or indirectly when labeled as an informational seminar.

Public Library space such as study tables, lounge areas, technology center and other public areas which are not identified as meeting rooms are non-public forum spaces and are not suitable for meetings, programs or public speeches because they would generally create a distraction or disturbance that limits the intended use of that part of the Library.

No tobacco products and no alcoholic products are allowed in the meeting room. Refreshments such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, snack foods, sandwiches, and desserts may be served in all the rooms except the computer training lab. Groups must provide their own refreshments and serving containers/utensils, and the group is fully responsible for cleanup. If a meeting room is left in an unacceptable manner, further room privileges may be revoked.

Technology and other equipment are available for the meeting rooms and groups are responsible to set up and use that equipment. Staff may not be available to assist with the use of technology. For this reason, it is recommended that if technology and equipment are being used, patrons come in advance to make sure they can successfully operate the technology provided. Users will be charged full replacement costs for any equipment that is missing or damaged.

Publicity for a meeting held by a non-Library group must not be worded in a manner that would imply sponsorship or endorsement of the group’s activities by the Salina Public Library. There should be a disclaimer on all printed publicity that states: This program is not a Salina Public Library event. Granting the use of a meeting room does not imply Library approval or endorsement of the group, the meeting, or the ideas presented at the meeting. The name, address or telephone number of the Salina Public Library must not be used as the official address or headquarters of an organization or group.

The Salina Public Library is not liable for injuries to individuals or for damages to or loss of personal or organizational property of groups using a meeting room.
Failure to abide by any of these rules or to cooperate with Salina Public Library staff may result in loss of meeting room privileges.

Revision Date(s): 3/9/2023, 12/17/2019
Latest Reviewed & Approved Date: 3/9/2023, 12/17/2019

ROOMS-002: Maximum Occupancy

The Fire Marshall provides maximum occupancy for our rooms. The following are those numbers:

  • Library Prescott Meeting Room: 128
  • McKenzie Center Room #1: 49
  • McKenzie Center Room #2: 120

Revision Date(s): 3/16/2021, 10/15/2019
Latest Reviewed & Approved Date: 10/15/2019