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Ashley Will is an Information Services Librarian at Salina Public Library.

Ashley graduated from Green River High School in 2004 and from Western Wyoming Community College in 2006 with an Associate of Arts degree. Upon receiving her Bachelor Degree in English from the University of Wyoming in 2008, she asked herself “What do you do with a B.A. in English? What is my life going to be?” exactly like the lyrics from one of her favorite musicals, Avenue Q. Ashley started working in libraries soon afterward as a substitute librarian in youth services; circulation; and reference departments for the Sweetwater County Library System while applying for various library positions after falling in love with helping people find the information that they want. Prior to becoming a part-time reference librarian at Rock Springs Library, Ashley was the newsroom proofreader for the Rocket-Miner Newspaper and wrote a weekly column titled Under the Radar about movies and more. Ashley enrolled in the Utah Cohort of the Emporia State University School of Library and Information Management program and moved to Salina, Kansas for her current job soon after her graduation ceremony in January 2017 upon finishing her Master of Library Science degree with a concentration in leadership and administration. In addition to working, Ashley volunteers a couple times a week as part of the Friends of Salina Animal Shelter Cat Crew, and enjoys watching anime and playing video games that have a good story. Ashley is married to James Will and they have three cats – Geordi; Tuvok; and Peaches.
Ashley can be reached at infoservices.ashley@salpublib.org


Mark Messenger

Mark Messenger is Salina Public Library’s Information Services Assistant.

Mark has worked a variety of library jobs over the past 20 years, holding positions in circulation, acquisitions, computer technology, cataloging and reference. He received a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in anthropology and behavior science from the University of Kansas. Mark enjoys spending time with his family, reading and listening to books, watching movies, doing crosswords, and playing trivia games. He is originally from McPherson and considers the central part of Kansas the greatest place in the world.

Mark can be reached at infoservices.mark@salpublib.org

Lori BerezovskyLori Berezovsky is the Community Engagement Coordinator at Salina Public Library.

A native of DeKalb, Ill., Lori spent only one summer detassling corn for DeKalb AgResearch and made an impressive $2.35 per hour. She stayed in her hometown and graduated from Northern Illinois University with a B.A. and M.A. in art history. Lori moved to Kansas in 1990 with plans to get a Ph.D. in art history from KU, but that quickly turned into attending Emporia State University and receiving a second master’s degree in library and information science. She met a fellow library student named Nick and they married over spring break just before graduating.

Lori enjoys reading about, looking at, and researching anything having to do with art or art historical matters. Every spring she encourages her 30 fruit trees to bear well, and gardens on her three acres in Saline County. She appreciates the style of the 1920s-40s, and can often be found knitting, cooking (and eating) delicious Italian food, obsessively playing Words with Friends or working a crossword puzzle.

Lori can be reached at community@salpublib.org.

Melanie HedgespethMelanie Hedgespeth is the technology manager and a trainer at Salina Public Library.

Melanie is also the owner of an online technology relief business called mytechrelief.com. She has studied and taught web design applications, database programs and tools, and Microsoft Office products for almost 20 years. She holds a master’s degree in informational technology and a bachelor’s degree in business/computer education and is MCSE certified. Her passion and love of technology drives her to help others understand software and technologies.

Melanie can be reached at tech@salpublib.org.

Connie HockingConnie Hocking is the library’s Interlibrary Loan Coordinator.

Connie can be reached at infoservices.connie@salpublib.org


Joe McKenzieJoe McKenzie is the library’s Director.

Joe can be reached at joemcken@salpublib.org

Salina Public Library Blog Alumni

Amy AdamsAmy Adams was the library’s Public Relations Coordinator for five years, through 2017. She is a native Salinan and received a B.A. in English from Bethel College in North Newton. Amy is a voracious reader, picking up anything from fantasy, graphic novels and pop fiction to classics and literary fiction. She loves “Dr. Who” and “Game of Thrones” and admits that she is a bit of a nerd. Her more homespun hobbies include cooking, failing as a gardener, writing, singing and laughing a lot with her husband, children and friends.

Morgan DavisMorgan Davis was the Community Learning Coordinator at Salina Public Library for five years, through 2017. A Salina native, Morgan earned her bachelor’s degree in public relations and minor in leadership studies at Kansas State University, in the Little Apple. She also studied dance and psychology at K-State, and taught dance in Manhattan. Morgan enjoys sharing her love of the arts, music and directing holiday productions at church. She loves spending time outdoors, drinking coffee, and her husband and sweet pup Annie.

Helen GreggHelen Gregg, was the Technology Trainer at the library for three years and retired in 2017. She had been enjoying an “encore career,” following her retirement from the local school district. Helen has a bachelor’s degree in History and Secondary Education from Kansas Wesleyan University and a master’s degree in Secondary Education Classroom Technology. There are some in Kansas who know her simply as Grandma, and this grandma enjoys the fact that her grandkids come to her with their tech questions. That wacky place in the order of things seems to suit her. She enjoys being part of a team that brings 21st Century literacy to anyone who wants to learn.

Amy ButalaAmy Butala Pihl was an Information Services Librarian and was hunting down the answers to reference questions at the Information Desk from 2009-2015. She hails from Southern California, but a brief stint as a soccer player at Kansas Wesleyan University led Amy to plant her roots in central Kansas with her husband. Amy is the proud owner of a weird but wonderful, accident-prone blue parrotlet who is currently on her 11th life. She spends her free time cooking, writing on her blog and lamenting the fact that “Gilmore Girls” is over.

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