Devouring books

Over the recent holidays, it was hard to tell if I ate/drank more or read more books. I’m sure I gained weight. Five pounds? My son Kevin estimated he gained 5-10 pounds. He says he didn’t hold back from food or drink.

I know I read more than he did. He worked a bit, legal stuff, but he didn’t High pile of hardcover bookswork off an ounce. It’s good there’s not a measurement like pounds for books or words read. Each winter, many of us would have to go on a reading diet. We would read slower – drink nothing harder than water while we read. Find some lightweight mysteries – the kind with cats you can read in a day, but stretch them over an entire weekend. Like real eating diets, it might not be as much fun.

I stuffed down “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn in a few large bites between Christmas and New Year’s. Before that was fully digested, one of my reserve books came in and I devoured it on a weekend. This was Billy Lynn’s “Long Halftime Walk.” Since much of it took place at a Dallas Cowboy Thanksgiving game, I found it necessary to eat and drink while reading. Of course, I washed my hands. Great book. Next, it was time to lighten up and I’m enjoying John Grisham’s “The Racketeer,” while dipping into Neil Young’s “Waging Heavy Peace: A Hippie Dream,” while listening to Young’s CDs from the library collection and drinking heavy beer.

Lots of good books come out in the fall and they need to be read.

Joe McKenzie


Joe McKenzie is the director of Salina Public Library.