The story of the library

Storytelling happens everyday.Telling stories

There are fantastical stories we sink into for a little escape. There are the goofy stories we tell to make our children laugh. There are illuminating stories that make us think. There are even mundane stories we tell each other in the office to convey information: “Mr. Smith came in this morning. He wanted to reserve the conference room …”

Stories buzz around the library. Of course, we house a lot of stories in the form of books, but there also are the stories of all the people who come to the library. People come here for different reasons. It could be a good entertainment option for your children or to learn more about early literacy. You might need a place to study. Maybe you are trying to learn more about how to use your computer. You may even like to read.

Telling a story with so many characters and plot lines can be a challenge. That’s part of the reason we are starting this blog — to tell the story of the library. We want to talk about the reason’s people come to the library, some of the great things about Salina and to start discussions.

When people use the library, whether online or in person, we hope to be a part of the bigger story that is their lives.

Amy Adams


Amy Adams is the Public Relations Coordinator at Salina Public Library.