My husband and I are both patrons of the arts. We enjoy seeing a good play, listening to lively music, visiting art exhibits and dabbling in the culinary arts. Painted Sex Symbols

I have degrees in art history, so I’m a sucker for artwork from medieval or renaissance times.

My husband dabbles in painting and sculpture and his taste runs more along the lines of the modern. Picture a living space done up in shades of white, with a single object placed just so on a table and you have a good feel for his style preferences. He favors no clutter, clean lines and calming colors.

I, on the other hand, quite enjoy a bit of clutter, think cleverly displayed collections of vintage anythings are perfection and think white walls are something to be overcome.

Selecting artwork or furniture for our home is often a study in futility. He likes things that are ridiculous (according to me), and I like things that are clownish (according to him). So who is right? Is my taste better than his? Or is he in the right?

The thing is, we have learned to work together in creating a home. We have learned to pick colors we both can live with, and we’ve learned to keep the clutter to a minimum (most of the time). Hours have been spent pouring over library books on interior design, floor plans and landscaping. We’ve learned to focus on the things we both like, rather than forcing our hand. The style of our home isn’t one that I would have ever anticipated, yet it’s absolutely perfect.

The thing is, there is beauty in all art created from the heart. Sometimes it takes a little time to see it. Often, we have to peel back the layers until we get it. Just as no two snowflakes are the same, no two people see the world in the same way. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

Sometimes I have to be reminded that seeing beauty takes a little effort and that the modern can live in harmony with the vintage. But I draw the line at white walls.

Lori Berezovsky


Lori Berezovsky is the library’s Outreach Coordinator.