It’s not quite 7:15 on a Monday morning and I have already laughed out loud several times. Is that okay during Lent? I was at work and it was about books, book titles to be specific. Books can make you laugh too. The Huffington Post ran a link to an article in Mental Floss on 17 overly-optimistic book titles. I like the use of that odd number. Why 17? There must be hundreds, but they nailed 17 good ones. And, they added quick one-line comments. Mental Floss is a magazine in the library’s collection that you should take a look at the next time you’re in the library.

You Can Do Anything With Crepes

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One of my favorite titles was “You Can Do Anything With Crepes.”  Well, of course you can, and their comment was they used crepes to teach their dog to eliminate on command. Excellent use of crepes for the smart cultured dog. This book title followed the overly optimistic book  “You Can Teach Your Dog to Eliminate on Command.” Maybe, you’ve already done that, in which case you’ll find many other uses for your crepes. Can you think of other uses and comment? The “Eliminate” title was written by a doctor. Perhaps, he was a vet and this was his thesis that he wrote and defended.

And, there’s nothing wrong with being overly optimistic. In addition to being lent, it’s also spring training for the upcoming baseball season and the Royals are undefeated. Scads of millionaires are stretching their quads on Florida fields of green confident after their personal motivators/coaches have convinced them they will be all-stars this year and win a world series ring if they just think positive. Let’s hope the Royal’s chef is serving crepes.

Joe McKenzie


Joe McKenzie is the director of the library.