“Good company and good discourse are the very sinews of virtue.” Izaak WaltonIt used to be that you could tell a person’s character by their bumper stickers. Or maybe by which posters hung in their room. Possibly even which CDs, cassette tapes, or records were in their collection.

Now, you don’t even have to be friends to be “friends.” It can be so easy to get curious about someone, do a little Facebook stalking, and soon make your own determinations about their character. Browsing an acquaintance’s music likes can tell you almost as much as checking out who resides on their friends list.

The point is this: your character can be defined by the company you keep. Next time you log into Twitter, check out the list of people you follow. What kinds of associations might you make about yourself? Following someone on Twitter in 2013 is the same as stating your beliefs.

Some people I’m proud to follow:

Positively Present
Gratitude Traffic
Ellen DeGeneres
Maria Lichty

Double-checking your spelling and grammar, being sure not to publish slander, and deleting unflattering photos are concepts which are well-preached in society. Not so common is the reverse: be careful who you follow, because they may well be your first impression.

Morgan Davis


Morgan Davis is the library’s community learning coordinator. You can follow her on Twitter @morgandavis2011