In March I was approached to be the library’s guinea pig for a brand-new, sparkly white Chromebox which had been ordered. Just for me. Special.

“Sure!” I said.  

Sounds like an adventure, I thought to myself.

Three days later, my desk looked like this:

At that point?  My brain could only muster one thought:

That’s a LOT of technology on one desk.

BUT … I hunkered down and uploaded all of my laptop’s necessary items to my gmail account. Everything was now stored online.

Now, that was easy! Are you sure it’s finished? That’s all it took? Not too shabby.

The Chrome Box rocks. It’s like the Mary Poppins purse of the online world.  


As someone who has experienced computer crashes, lost an embarrassing number of hard drives (RIP, you beautiful documents), and even caused a coffee-related laptop incident (sorry, SPL Tech staff!), the idea of ALWAYS being able to access my things virtually is fabulous.

The plus side?  

I can access the SAME THINGS on my phone or my macbook at home.

Don’t believe me? Check out this video from the folks at Google Chrome:


Ain’t it purdy?

Now, to just sit tight and wait until all of the Information Services folks switch over as well. Until that point, my desk will look like this:

Except with a few more strewn papers, three random books, two empty coffee mugs, and a red pen trying to make a run for it.

This is not a paid advertisement. The folks at Google have never heard of me. I just like their box.

Credits: Google Chrome. (2013, March 11). Chrome: Now Everywhere [Video File]. Retrieved from

Amy Butala


Amy Butala is the library’s information services assistant.