Did you know you compute in the cloud?  Many of the services we use from our computers, tablets or smartphones are in the cloud. If you use Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Facebook, Flickr, online banking, Dropbox, or Google Drive, you utilize cloud services.

Cloud Computing

Image courtesy of Sam Johnston I Wikimedia Commons

So what is the cloud? The cloud is simply a bunch of servers (computers), all over the world that process and hold our data.  It’s quick, efficient and we are typically totally unaware of it. Many cloud providers give us services for free!

The cloud is popular because it is easy to use. We no longer have to load applications on our local computers or backup files to a second device. Everything is taken care of by the cloud experts.

You can start with the cloud today and tinker with cloud storage. Cloud storage allows you to save all of your files to one place in the cloud, and you can access those files anywhere, anytime on any device. The best perk of cloud storage, is that your files are going to be backed up across multiple devices.  

If you want to try cloud storage, take a look at Dropbox. Create an account then upload your data such as files, photos or videos. Within Dropbox you can even share those files with others. Once you have a Dropbox account, you need to load Dropbox on your computer and sync your files. You can also load the Dropbox app on your smart device. You then have access anywhere you need your files on a multitude of devices.

Learn more about Dropbox with their tour or with this video.

Give the cloud a try!  You will be glad you did.

Melanie Hedgespeth


Melanie Hedgespeth is the head of the library’s Technology Center.