I recently found myself dissatisfied with the book on my nightstand. It was far too depressing. I didn’t need to read about cancer and family drama at that moment in my life. I needed car chases, rom-coms and poor farm boys finding magical swords in fields. And I needed easy access to it, right away!

The solution was to go online to the Sunflower eLibrary where I could quickly get my escapist-reading fix. The problem was that I had broken the charger for my tablet and, even with the multitude of chargers sitting around the house, I didn’t have the correct replacement. So I found myself doing something I swore I would never do went I first hopped on the e-book bandwagon. I downloaded a book to my smart phone.Phone and Book

I have nothing against smart phones. I use mine obsessively — checking my email, checking Facebook, checking the weather, checking how many people have visited this blog. But it has always just seemed a little silly to try to read a book on one.

There are some definite downsides:

  • Small “pages”. You have to “turn” them frequently and the page count is very misleading.
  • Power-saver mode. Unless you softly caress your phone with your thumb while you read, your screen will shut off.
  • No prestige. At least when you have a book in your hand, people assume you are spending your time wisely (“Oh, she’s smart and cultured! She’s reading!”) With a phone, people assume you are wasting time (“Slacker! She’s texting. Doesn’t anyone read books anymore?”)
  • Interruptions. It’s harder to shut out the world. Your phone will still let you know when someone is calling, texting, posting to Facebook or reading this blog.

The big advantage to reading on your phone is that it is always there, ready to feed your reading addiction. For example, if my husband and I are out to lunch and he gets up from the table to get another napkin, I start reading my book! It’s brilliant! Sometimes if he goes on too long about video games, I start reading. While I’m waiting for my coffee order, or if a commercial comes on, or I’m waiting for my toddler to please, please, please pee on the potty, I read.

So, yes, it’s a little silly to read a book on your phone. But, if you are like me, any reading is good.

Amy Adams


Amy Adams is the library’s public relations coordinator.