EDITOR’S NOTE – This is part of a series featuring Salina Public Library staff and guest bloggers’ recommendations for summer reading. We hope these lists will help you find your next book!

Cain at Gettysburg

Really good fictional depiction of the famous CW battle — a different perspective in that it focuses on General Meade and his somewhat historically understated (and misunderstood) role. Also, Peters has a new book out — “Hell or Richmond”.

Cool SciFi that explores the concept of mind/consciousness transference and the possibility of life on Mars — told in a Dashiell Hammett gumshoe style.

Completely absorbing historical novel set in 19th century India — a LONG book but never boring.

Any book by the ex-jockey and mystery master is awesome. I picked this one up at random and got hooked once again. Francis just pulls you in!

I hadn’t read Koontz in a while, and this was a nice revisit. Weird and creepy, and just on the edge of possibility.

Neat period piece set in the early days of American space exploration, all wrapped up in a fast-paced mystery about a man trying to retrace his steps after losing his memory.

Mark Messenger works in the library’s Acquisitions and Cataloging Department.