“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Mahatma Gandhi

With autumn just around the corner, I find it increasingly difficult to “keep calm and carry About Fallon.” I get so crazy-excited about the leaves turning, digging out my sweaters, watching the ‘Cats play football, drinking hot apple cider, decorating pumpkins, baking cinnamon-y things, and well, everything else fall, that it can be difficult to even concentrate.

Along with the cool breezes and harvest moon, I always get excited for back-to-school time. This will be my second September not attending classes, but I still have to check out the pencils, backpacks and reams of college ruled paper at Target and just not enter the doors of Office Depot, to save myself the unnecessary purchase of kitten-clad folders.

That being said, why do I only get this excited about school in the fall? Throughout the year, I enjoy learning new things and meeting new people, but I don’t wake up every day with the intense joy I have this time of year, at the start of the traditional learning season.

My new challenge is to keep it going. After the leaves have fallen and I have debuted my awesome Halloween costume, when it starts to really get cold and the first snow falls, I should still be excited about learning. Then, when the snow melts away, tiny blossoms start to appear, and I find myself swerving to miss more bunnies in the road, that should also be like the first day of school. And in the summer, when school’s out, then I need to really challenge myself.

Learning is always fun, but is it always exciting, like the smell of fresh crayons and picking out a new lunchbox? It should be.

Morgan Davis


Morgan Davis is the library’s Community Learning Coordinator.