The end of summer seems like a time when people return to things, like school and The End of Summerschedules, to familiar routines, to normal, to their life. To their normal life of routine? No wonder we need summer. It reminds me of the Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks song “How Can I Miss You, if You Won’t Go Away.” Hope it was a good one. If you are returning, where did you go?

Many folks can’t afford to travel. But, they can always stay home and escape into fiction. Hence, the need for those June lists of summer reads and the popular beach reads. Plus, we don’t want to completely escape, so we are eager to read what everyone is reading and that will be our tenuous hold on reality for the summer. The lists always seem geared for east coast summers and beaches when they appear a month after school has The End of Summerbeen out here. They used to be more associated with reading trash in paperback, as though summer was a time we were expected to lower our standards, perhaps drink fruity summer drinks, relax and forget our cares.

Okay, I guess that makes sense after all. People need that. And, I guess we can’t all always escape “normal” throughout the year. That would be either crazy or too much fun.

Other seasons are just more serious – dead lawns, serious football, snow, elections, flu-like symptoms, more college loans and new bad TV. Welcome back.Changing Seasons

Remember, your normal life of routines and schedules can still be wonderful. That’s up to you. Think Octoberfest. And, it helps to discover something new and interesting on a regular basis and you can always do that at the public library.

Joe McKenzie


Joe McKenzie is the library’s director.