By Amy Butala ι Oct. 26, 2013

Have you heard about the awesome community-wide read this fall? You can read about it here.

The library has a fabulous little display that is currently home to all of our copies of “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time.” Since the book features a black dog, we hauled up this precious canine from our Youth Services department to stand guard over the books.

This pup was featured by the display in order to promote a naming contest the library put on.  The pup’s new name is Libby, by the way!

What warms my heart, however, is not the name.  Nor the book.


It’s the squeal of delight that emits from any tiny human under the age of four when they come around the corner and see Libby.




“Hiyeee, puppy.”

“Good puppy.”

“Aww… byee, puppeeeee.”

It’s always “puppy” and never “dog.”

I love that part.

The dog is usually about as tall as the half pint who is drawn to it.  (Half pint!  Name that literary reference!)

From my desk, I constantly see the efforts of said tiny humans to climb on the back of our pup.

It is a lovely back, after all.

But really, since the dog is eye level with the library’s littlest patrons, we shouldn’t focus on Libby’s back.

Oh, no.

It’s all about Libby’s eyes.

Those eyes.

I appreciate those eyes because they inspire the awestruck and affectionate coos of “puppee” that I get to hear at least once a day.

Which warms my heart.

And makes me want to superglue the dog to the spot it’s on.

Sorry, Youth Services.  Amy has stolen your Libby.

Amy Butala

Amy Butala is an Information Services Librarian.