By Morgan Davis ι Dec. 3, 2013

Quick! Think of five family traditions you love and five you hate! I’ll bet you can come up withMark Twain Quote more than that.

Among my favorites are sipping hot chocolate and cruising around town to check out everyone’s Christmas lights; the 20+ year exchange my mother and grandmother have with the same, worn-out Christmas bow on each other’s gifts; my dad and me placing the angel on the tree after decorating it … wait … most of my favorite traditions are centered on the holidays.

I have realized that my generation of our family is very adamant about keeping these traditions alive, probably more so than our parents and grandparents. For whatever reason, the sights, sounds, and most of all smells, that conjure up sweet memories are very dear to us and that becomes more prevalent during this very nostalgic time of year.

My challenge in the new year is to create memories that become tradition year-round. Summer fun, autumn joy and spring cheer. Celebrate the small moments that will later become tradition or maybe simply joyful memories. After all, that’s what traditions are. Small moments that we try to recreate every so often.

Enjoy the blessing of Christmas this year and may it encourage you to celebrate all year!

Morgan Davis


Morgan Davis is the library’s Community Learning Coordinator.