By Amy Pihl ι Dec. 9, 2013

When I was a student at KWU (a million years ago) I noticed that December was pretty rough on me. Being away from my family on the west coast during the weeks leading up to Christmas left me without my Christmas spirit.

Well, that just wouldn’t do.

In order to make my heart sing the song of Christmas cheer, I slowly concocted my own personal recipe for artificially-induced Christmas spirit.

And what was this recipe, you ask?


There’s the Christmas music my family always listened to:

These are Special Times

This movie on repeat for all of December:

Little Women

And lastly, cinnamon-scented holiday candles from a certain retailer whose name rhymes with Hath and Potty Lurks.

Now that I am a wee bit more established in my holiday cheer formula (and have moved permanently from the sunny shores of California to the four brilliant seasons of Kansas), I can share a few more of my tried and true favorites with you.

There’s this classic:

It's a Wonderful Life

An then there’s my family’s go-to feel-good source for a hearty Christmas chuckle from the former “Tool Man”:

The Santa Clause

And this musical extravaganza that may or may not encourage you to sing along while throwing down the dance moves to the little number known as “Sisters”:

White Christmas

Or is that just me?

May you have a Merry Christmas all December long, and be sure to check out your favorite Christmas DVDs and CDs from the Salina Public Library!

Amy Butala


Amy Pihl is an Information Services Librarian.