By Morgan Davis ι Jan. 21, 2014

This time of year is so interesting. Everyone has shoved their health-related Christmas gifts

Woman Running

Photo by Jacson Querubin,

to the back of the closet and once again donned the one-size-too-big sweat pants. Christmas is so sparkly and then New Year’s brings high hopes for wellness, gratitude and all of the other nice words we dust off and use in January.

But the bright snow quickly becomes gray slush and the darkness that comes too early in the day takes over our motivation. If I had to pick the perfect time to make a resolution, it would be spring. When it first becomes warm enough to actually go for a run before the workday begins and the birds return, I am motivated to be out in God’s glory. Then comes summer, so hey, why not already have been working on a swimming pool worthy body? Next is my favorite time of year, autumn. YES! Maybe add some layers to your workout garb. Reward yourself with a pumpkin soy latte. Do it. You’ll thank me.

By the time Christmas comes, you know you’ll look bombin’ in your holiday card photo, and then when the January sludge appears, your body will crave the healthy routine you have gotten into.

Of course, I have never put this dazzling plan into action myself. I’m just saying that I think it makes sense to make your resolutions when you can set yourself up for success, rather than failure. Find out what motivates you. For me, it’s weather. I’m too picky to go outside when it’s gross out.

Best wishes for staying motivated!

Morgan Davis


Morgan Davis is the library’s Community Learning Coordinator.