By Amy Pihl ι Jan. 25, 2014

Kansas became a state on Jan. 29, 1861.

At the library, we like to join in the celebration of Kansas Day by decking out our display cases with historic Kansas-based photos, sunflowers, wheat and the occasional covered wagon.

While the sunflowers will still be making their appearance in our tall display case by our research computers, I’ve decided to get a little wacky in our flat case this year.

I’ve wrangled up some folks who just happen to be from Kansas AND who just happen to have done Kansas proud in Hollywood.

What a great way to celebrate Kansas and Kansans!


If you come over to get a game or a DVD, stop and take a gander at these ladies and gentlemen.

By no means is this a complete display of any and every Kansas-native who has ever acted. It’s only a very tiny sample! Seriously! Google “famous people from Kansas” and you’ll find a Wikipedia list that’s HUGE!  Kansas churns out some pretty awesome folks!

Like this lovely lady …


Isn’t she simply wonderful? Don’t mind me, I’m just partial to Vivian. It’s not my fault, though. I was raised on the original Nick at Nite’s TV Land lineup and remain a HUGE “I Love Lucy” fan. And “Green Acres,” and “Happy Days,” and “I Dream of Jeannie,” and “Bewitched,” and … and … and …

Where was I?


Well, anyhow.

Next time you’re in, say “Happy Birthday” to Kansas and “hello” to Vivian, Dennis, Milburn, Kirstie, Eric, Annette, Gordon, ZaSu and the rest of the gang.

And just for posterity …

Happy Birthday, Kansas!

Amy Butala


Amy Pihl is an Information Services Librarian at the library.