By Melanie Hedgespeth ι April 28, 2014

If you are like me, I have a million things on my schedule and don’t ever want to forget a meeting, my kids’ basketball games or to complete a project by a deadline. With the help of technology, I am extremely organized and get things done because I have reminder systems in place.

Google Calendar Icon

My calendar keeps me sane and reminds me of everything. I input everything on my calendar whether I am at my laptop, on my cell phone or working on my tablet. Within my Google calendar, or any calendar system for that matter, I can set meetings, game times, merge Facebook events into the calendar, then I have the calendar prompt me in a variety of ways. I have reminders that just pop up on my laptop screen, sent to my cell phone via SMS and sent to my email. On items that I need preparation time for, I have the calendar send me emails a week before the event. Google calendar allows me to input multiple reminders for an event and send the reminders in whatever format works for me.

I use my cell phone to set all types of alarms each day. I set the alarm to remind me to pick up my daughter from basketball practice, go to yoga class or just to remind me to do laundry. My cell phone is always with me, so that is a quick and easy way for me to remember simple things.


I use a variety of apps on my cell phone to help me remember! The Dillons app allows me to input my grocery list and organizes it into categories for me. It also allows me to include digital coupons within the list and mark things off as I put them in my cart. There are fitness apps, meditation apps and many more types of apps that can send you reminders to get things done.

With cell phones, apps, SMS and calendars, technology can keep you on top of your life!

Melanie Hedgespeth


Melanie Hedgespeth is the head of the library’s technology center.