By Melanie Hedgespeth Ι May 20, 2014

Over the weekend, I read “How Full is Your Bucket.” This quick read had a profound effect on the way I will live my life.

In a nutshell, the book explains that if you provide positive and thoughtful statements to How Full is Your Bucket?coworkers, your children and family members you can improve their life and yours.

A very poignant story provided by one of the authors was that as a child, his house was the one the neighborhood kids went to because of the kind of statements that were made. Upon entering his house, the adults would ask specific questions and provide positive feedback. For example, something like, “How was reading class today? I know you were excited to hear about the new project ahead” or “How is your friend Sarah? I know you love to do things with her.” In the author’s friends’ houses the adults would make statements such as, “You had better not have messed up at school today”; “Did you ever bother to get that report finished?”

The author also told how, as a child, he had big dreams to run a business which his family members helped him start. He was never told, “that’s silly” or “it won’t work”; he was supported and provided good feedback for his life.

As I was reading the book, I began to think, “How many times at work do I tell people I appreciate their help, their effort? With my children, am I telling them enough how amazing they are, they have great talents, are kind people and can go far in life and live their dreams?”

I highly recommend, if you have time, to read this book and see how you can put drops in buckets!

Melanie Hedgespeth


Melanie Hedgespeth is the library’s head of technology.