By Melanie Hedgespeth Ι October 2, 2014 mangoThe Salina Public Library offers a wide variety of learning opportunities for all ages that work with an assortment of technology platforms.  A great resource for learning languages provided by the library is Mango Languages. By accessing this service, for free, from our library you can learn over 60 languages any time of the day on any device.  Mango is open 24/7 with limitless access.  You can connect to Mango Languages on your computer by going to the Salina Public Library website, select Virtual Library, and then under the Learn category click on Mango Languages. screen shotAfter connecting you can create a Mango account.  You will be guided through step by step tutorials to learn whatever language you choose.  You can work through the lessons at your own pace and on your own time, Mango also provides an app for both iOS and Android devices.  Search your app store for Mango Languages for Libraries and install the app.  If you have already connected to our library website and created an account with Mango, you can then log in to the app and begin learning languages!

Melanie Hedgespeth


Melanie Hedgespeth is the head of the library’s Technology Center.