Hands on keyboard

By Morgan Davis Ι Feb. 17, 2015

In my work with the CLASS program, I always strive to be “hip” and offer courses people actually want to take. In the past, this meant informal surveys and coffee shop conversations. I still really value face-to-face interaction, but there has been an interesting shift in the way we plan our programs. It is now just as valuable to troll my Facebook or Twitter feeds, looking for new ideas.

First of all, I can see what other programs are offering and even connect with program and organization leaders, to begin a conversation. I can learn about groups and trends that I didn’t even know existed. I recently connected with the president and founder of Smoky Hill Beard and Mustache Club. More to come on that CLASS connection.

The other big benefit of social media is that people do not hold back online. You will find the most honest sentiments on the Internet. So, there’s your added incentive to be not only creative in your planning, but to have quality offerings. Social media can make or break a program, and fortunately, if you are successful, the people will let you know. We now live in a world where you may not receive a note in the mail or a phone call to let you know you’re doing a good job, but a simple “like” on Facebook means a lot.

I am excited about the amount of information available to me, not only through respected online sources, but also through something as simple and emotion-driven as Instagram or Vine. I cannot wait to see how we will all be continually connected as we forge ahead in bringing quality programming to our community.