Baby feet

By Lori Berezovsky Ι Feb. 20, 2015

Here in the library’s Community Engagement Department, we are all about babies. That statement makes more sense when you learn that one of us recently had a baby girl. Throughout the pregnancy, we would often talk about the baby and what she would be like after she was born. Would she have red hair? Will she like green beans? Will she prefer the color yellow over blue? It’s fun to imagine what this tiny baby will become in the next year, or two, or twenty.

Coming up with a new library program or way of doing starts with an idea. Often, that idea is absolutely ridiculous, but in there somewhere is a seed that has potential. With some nurturing, that seed grows and blossoms into a new service or program.

In a way, the Community Engagement department has given birth to some new babies this year, too. First of all, we changed the department’s name from Community Outreach to Community Engagement, to reflect our mindset of engaging and working with people. We started monthly book deliveries to child care providers, changed up our outreach storytimes to include more movement and learning, and added CLASS4Kids.

This month we’ve begun turning outward to learn about our community and better address its needs. Who knows what will be born from those conversations? Even at this early stage, I can tell that we’ll learn some surprising things, and those things will, in turn, guide us as we try new things and tweak our services to align with the needs of our community. True, we can’t address every need, but we’ll address the things that we, as a library, can address. Some of those things might fall in line with traditional library services, and some of them won’t. The anticipation of what will be born from this engagement with the community has got us quite excited!

If you would like to be a part of our conversations and share your hopes for our community, please contact me at