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How are you doing with #ReadingChallenge2015?

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By now, we hope you are on board with our Reading Challenge. If not, there is still time to start reading. We are giving you all year to finish up, after all.

We’ve added a Reading Challenge for Youth, too. So get the young readers you know started today.

Here are some strategies to help you:

1. Ask us for help finding books. If the need to find a book with a one-word title has you flummoxed or the search for a book with nonhuman characters has you stumped, we are here to help. At the library, we have some book recommendations up our sleeves.

2. Challenge your friends and family. There is nothing like a little healthy competition to keep you motivated. We’ve already heard about a group of ladies at a local dojo taking the challenge. They are working their bodies and minds.

3. Tell your story! We would love to hear if you have challenged your friends, what you have marked off your list and which books you love or loath. After all, the real purpose of this challenge is to get everyone reading and sharing their love of books. There are several ways to share. Post on the social media of your choice using #ReadingChallenge2015, comment on the library’s blog and, yes, talk to people.

Happy reading!