By Amy Pihl Ι March 11, 2015

Have you checked out Mango Languages yet? If you haven’t you’re missing out. Not only does Mango house more than 60 languages to potentially learn, but as a patron of Salina Public Library you can learn them for free!


Mango is an incredibly dynamic language-learning platform that allows you to learn a language at your computer, tablet, or even learn on-the-go with your smart phone. No CDs, installations, or repetitive downloading required. You can learn anywhere, anytime!

Now, how do you start this learning process, you ask? If you’re on a mobile device, simply navigate to your app store and search for “Mango Languages.” Simple as that!

If you’re on a computer, you’ll need to get to Mango through the library’s homepage. Just follow the simple steps below!

  1. Start at
  2. Put your mouse cursor over VIRTUAL LIBRARY (along the top with the yellow star), and when the grey box pops up, look all the way over to the far right to the Research column. Click DATABASES BY SUBJECT.
  3. Subjects are listed alphabetically. Find and click on the LANGUAGES subject.
  4. Click on MANGO LANGUAGES.
  5. You may be prompted to type in your library card number. Do it, and …
  6. Voila!

The first thing you see will look a little something like this:

Mango Start

You have two options. You can choose “Quick Start” which will allow you to jump right into the language of your choice, or you can create a free account  by clicking “Create one” (under the orange Log In button).

I highly recommend creating an account. By doing so, Mango will keep track of where you are in your learning, so that you can pick up wherever you left off last time. Using Quick Start means that you’ll need to remember where you finished before and will have to manually jump ahead to the next spot.

After you login, you’ll be taken to Mango’s Languages section (navigate between sections on the left side of the screen), which will look like this:

Mango Home

Mango highlights the top six languages, but there are so many more available to you! To find them, click All Languages (along the top, near the red arrow in the screenshot above).

For those of you reading this post, I’ll enlighten you. Check them out!

Mango All Languages

Yiddish, anyone? How about Pirate?! Really!

Side note: I recommend that everyone check out the Pirate at least once. It’ll make you chuckle before moving onto your goal language.

Speaking of your goal language, whatever that may be …

Mango Languages features an easy to use learning platform that incorporates all four key areas of language learning: vocabulary, phrases, culture and grammar. Lessons feature audio and visual elements, and are easy to replay if you need more practice.

Ready for an awesome bonus that will blow your mind? Mango also features MOVIES in a variety of languages to help with your learning process! Here is a small sample of what is available under in the All Movies section of the Languages section:

Mango Movies

I promise, there are many more.

Mango Languages is also a great resource for anyone who wants to learn English. Along the top of the Languages section you’ll see Learn English, which features the resources below:

Mango English

What variety!

Now, go forth and learn a new language anywhere! Whether you’re on-the-go or in the comfort of your home, Mango Languages is a unique and valuable asset to broadening your linguistic horizons.

Did any of this make sense? Answer your questions?

If not, ask the folks at the Information Desk for help with Mango Languages. We’re here anytime the library’s open!