Group Tours Downtown

John Burchill (center), a historian, leads the Downtown Salina Historic Walking Tour.

By Morgan Davis Ι April 27, 2015

Parents often say, “It takes a village,” when they talk about raising their children. We all know what this means: teaching a child everything they need to know is not a one-person job. We need help from others to feel we’ve been successful.

This attitude gives us reason to feel healthy about calling on others, delegating responsibility and cherishing the diverse views and experiences of others. The same can be said of community lifelong learning. In fact, it is built upon the notion that other people have something valuable to share with us.
Within the realm of community-based education, we can easily say, “I don’t know everything.” Perhaps it is even easier to make such a claim in this setting, compared to parenting. The course topics we cover are vast and incredibly diverse. We expect quality instructors to not only know some good talking points, but to be some kind of expert.
How exciting to think that each of us is impassioned about something unique, and that it drives us to learn more; enough to teach! Much of what we spend our time learning about is for our own betterment, which drives improvement within our community; the community — or village — we rely on.
The beauty of learning and teaching is to be marveled. Everyone has something special to share, whether based on formal education or life experience. No one has walked in my shoes, and I haven’t walked in theirs either.
Continue to rely on others and ask for help, because this is when we grow, and with growth comes the opportunity to share.