Woman sitting

By Morgan Davis Ι June 27, 2015

We have a culture of busyness. The now accepted answer to “How are you?” is “Busy.” We have become so immersed in our to-do lists that our emotional state is a measure of tasks. This is the world we thrive in. We are on the move and can handle it.
The realization that we are so focused on what we do has led to numerous books and talks on the power of saying “No.” It is an incredible discipline to say “no,” especially in these busy times. Making time for our own well-being is essential.
When things do slow down, though, I challenge myself to say “Yes.” I’m afraid my generation is a little notorious for saying “Yes” and then not showing. It is too easy to decide against something at the last minute. There is no real consequence for enrolling in an exercise class or RSVPing to a party and then just not going. Sometimes, we just don’t ever commit in the first place.
Some of my most cherished memories are the result of making myself go to something I was not looking forward to at the time. Looking back, I say “Why not try something new?”
Especially when it’s a new opportunity or something good for you, say “Yes.” And mean it! Make yourself go to the class, even if you’re going alone. Show up early and meet someone new. Happiness is now based on what we do. Add something to your to-do list that makes you happy…or a little scared. At least you’ll have a good story when it’s over.