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By Melanie Hedgespeth Ι Nov. 7, 2015

Life is busy. I’m always trying to find a way to make things easier for those everyday, mundane tasks. I have simplified my life, by using Amazon’s services. provides a service called Subscribe & Save. This is a subscription service that is available for many grocery and household items. The service allows me to subscribe to specific products my family uses regularly and have those items shipped to me automatically. I can have products shipped monthly, or I can schedule shipments every 2, 3 or 6 months. Those items like laundry detergent, toilet paper, lotion, dog treats, vitamins and granola bars just appear on my doorstep without any extra trips to the store for me!

Amazon provides benefits for using the Subscribe & Save program. A 5% discount is applied to items subscribed to. The savings increases to 10% and 15% if I add more than 5 items to my delivery. Plus I get free shipping!

Amazon makes it easy to adjust the items I subscribe to, change the delivery order date and cancel items as needed. I can even skip an item if I am still stocked and don’t need it that month. Notifications are sent prior to shipments via email so I can change things as needed. There is no commitment or fee required by Amazon.

There are many websites that post the best subscribe and save deals. With a quick Google search, I can find the best prices and add products to my delivery.

Amazon also provides a program called Amazon Mom. Anyone with young children can register and save on that never ending needed supply of diapers!

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Subscribe & Save allows me to save money and time. Not having to go to the store just makes me happy!