Morgan's Calendars

By Morgan Davis Ι Nov. 20, 2015

You’re supposed to do what makes you happy, right? Well, you know what makes me happy? Feeling like I have my ducks in a row. Knowing that things are in place, organized and well-communicated gives me a sense of peace. It probably does for you, too. So, here’s my advice: get organized! Whatever that means to you, do it.

We had a department meeting last week and I realized that I have about four million different calendars, but it works for me. It took me a while to come to this method of organization for my job, but it’s perfect. And you know what? No one else would understand it.

Organization, just like anything else, is for your own joy. It’s not for someone else to understand, compliment or even utilize. Your own unique life is guided by you, so don’t apologize for your quirks, even in organization.

There are many components to running the CLASS program here at the library, so I’ve got a spreadsheet, organized by date, for making payments … to instructors, institutes, organizations, reimbursing for supplies, etc. The sheet also helps me keep track of writing thank-you notes, copying handouts and collecting evaluations. If it weren’t for each of these components, I wouldn’t be building community and supporting great instructors like I (hope) I do.

There are also deadlines for enrollment. This helps participants know whether their class is big enough to go and helps instructors prepare for the correct number of participants. It is courteous for students to enroll on time, but there are exceptions and extenuating circumstances. Something great about our library is that we want to connect people and we understand people enough to know that life happens. And we’re happy to accommodate! Being organized allows us to do that.

I’ve also got about four different calendars to keep track of where I’ll be. I know what it’s like to receive poor communication, so my goal is to give good communication. There’s nothing like showing up somewhere and being the only one! Eek! I try to minimize that feeling for myself, as well as others, as much as possible.

When I’ve got it together, I have more energy and feel like I could conquer the world! What a feeling for such simple preparation and communication. Whether you’ve got crazy calendars like me, keep it all in your head or have some other wackadoo method for keeping track, be proud! You’ve got it together and you can conquer the world … or at least clear out new emails before lunch.