Crumpled Christmas paper
By Morgan Davis Ι Dec. 30, 2015
There’s just something in the air at Christmas…and by “at Christmas,” I mean approximately Dec. 20-25. People seem to have a giving spirit and an attitude of abundance. We’re happy to receive but happier to give. We’re likely to engage strangers in small talk and to use catch phrases without thinking ourselves cliche. It’s really a lovely thing, this shared sense of awe.
Then Dec. 26 comes. We know that we still have months of winter weather and sludgy snow to scoop. The season becomes burdensome. We’ve already had Christmas, so what’s to look forward to, with the exception of those of us who haven’t “celebrated” (i.e., opened gifts) yet? New Year’s? That’s again a one-day celebration not to be extended.
What if we maintained our sense of wonder and generally good thoughts about “faith in humanity restored?” What makes it so difficult? Perhaps we know that the next major holiday is Valentine’s and we may not be in a relationship. Perhaps we’re worried about how much we spent or ate over the holidays. I know it’s easier said than done, but worrying doesn’t help. What the “it” is that makes our cares melt into our hot coca at Christmas, let’s keep “it” with us!
The new year always brings hope and the promise that change is possible. If something in 2015 was just awful, let’s change it! Let’s bring a can-do attitude with us and carry over the child-like excitement of Christmas!
I say we “Merry Christmas!” all year long in 2016. Keep your joy and share it!