Google homescreen

By Melanie Hedgespeth Ι Oct. 12, 2016

Have you ever “googled” yourself?  You might be surprised what information is online!

Anyone can do a simple web search with your name and find photos, Facebook pages, websites and more. Many potential employers search a person prior to giving interviews.

To see what others can find about you online, simply go to Google and do a search of your name. Put your name in quotes and see what pops up.

“First Name Last Name”

Then try a name search in quotes with your middle name included.

“First Name Middle Name Last Name”

Finally try a search with your last name, then first.

“Last Name, First Name.”

To get even more detailed, do a search with your name in quotes, and add in your current city of residence.  

“First Name Last Name” +City

You can go even farther and include your mailing address.

“First Name Last Name” “Mailing Address” +City

Lastly, google your phone number. Simply type it in, with area code, and see if your phone is listed on the web.

As you go through all of these searches, click on the links or images. Sometimes people have the same name as you thus the search results may be inconsequential. If you find data you’d prefer not be online, there are options. Information that is from accounts you have set up, go to the platform and lock down your settings. Many platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn allow you to set privacy settings so information is not searchable online.  

Information that comes up that others post or provide about you means you will have to contact the site or person themselves and ask them to remove it.

The best way you can protect yourself online is to make sure wherever you have an account, you take a look at and set your privacy and account settings to a degree at which you are most comfortable. The best advice for online is always, if your mom shouldn’t see it, don’t post it! 😉