By Amy Adams | July 2, 2018

Sorting through library photos from June reminds me of why I love our library so much. It’s hard to pigeonhole the value of the library because it serves all, and each unique individual is served in a different way.

This past month, we had a local artist exhibit his reflections on nature in Gallery 708.  Children and teens attended technology classes, craft sessions, a drawing class, storytimes, a nature education program and a juggling performance. Families came to movie nights. We continued toward the goal of reading 25,000 books by July 20. There was a display for Pride Month and one about Juneteenth. Patrons discussed “The Buried Giant” by Kazuo Ishiguro. And on top of all that, the community was reading, listening to music, watching shows and enjoying our cool, Wi-Fi capable spaces. In other words, just another month at the library.

If you’re curious about the scope of library activity, take a look at our 2017 numbers. You may be surprised to learn how often our computers or meeting rooms are used.

And, here’s a look at a section of the library you may not think about much — our music CDs.

Top 10 Music CD Checkouts in June
“Coco: Orginal Motion Picture Soundtrack”Alum cover for Coco
“WoW 2000: The Year’s 30 Top Christian Artists and Songs”
“Now That’s What I Call Hits & Remixes 2018”
“Under The Covers: The Songs They Didn’t Write” by Metallica
“Now That’s What I Call Music 66”
“Feed The Machine” by Nickelback
“How the West was Won” by Led Zeppelin
“God Damn Evil” by Stryper
“Ripcord” by Keith Urban
“Purple Rain” by Prince

The next time you come to the library, be sure to stop and browse through this section near the movies. You may find a new favorite!