By Glory Benacka | Sept. 17, 2018

More and more of my time these days is spent seated at a computer or dragging my fingers robotically across my cell phone’s screen. After work, I am usually restless and feeling resistant to spending any more time staring at a screen. I crave handiwork, which is most often expressed in my garden and kitchen. I go through crafting phases too, and especially as the days get shorter, I’m spending more time indoors looking for little projects to keep my hands busy and away from the computer.

We all seem to know that diehard crafter who’s pumping out streams of doilies, painted signs, Christmas ornaments, knitted scarves, etc. But you don’t have to be an experienced crafter, artistic, nor highly skilled to enjoy creating, there is always room for casual recreational crafters.

The library is a great place to start exploring arts and crafts, without any investment besides browsing time. Our nonfiction book collection includes modern titles to help you make just about anything, from handmade holiday items and knitted pieces to candle making and woodworking. There are hundreds of resources to browse for crafting ideas, tips and tricks for adults and children. New books are coming in all the time too. Following the Home & Garden category in the library’s Wowbrary newsletter will let you see the newest incoming titles.

Here are a few:
“The Sewing Book” by Alison Smith
Simple & Natural Soapmaking: Create 100% Pure and Beautiful Soaps with the Nerdy Farm Wife’s Easy Recipes and Techniques” by Jen Berry
Woodworking with Hand Tools: Tools, Techniques & Projects,” essays from the experts at Fine Woodworking magazine.

Crafting experiences at the library are a regular occurrence for all ages. During weekly storytimes for kids, crafts provide an interactive element to compliment picture book stories. Adults crafting classes in the Technology Center and through the CLASS program are readily available throughout the year. Check out the library calendar or CLASS catalog to browse all of the offerings.

Why not give yourself permission to take a break this fall and take a crafting course offered through the library’s CLASS program? Our adult craft classes are perfect for busy people who want the joy of crafting, without the planning and clean up. CLASS class fees cover the cost of all the supplies you need to create a finished product to take home. Upcoming decorative home craft classes like Harvest Time Scarecrow, Polka Dot & Striped Pumpkin, Lavender Wreath-Making and Sunflower Burlap Wreath provide you with a finished project through step-by-step guided instruction with an experienced craft teacher by the end of class.

Our Top 5 Reasons to Craft in CLASS:

  1. Learn new DIY skills and practice your manual dexterity with new tools.
  2. Crafts can be meaningful and economical handmade gifts.
  3. Take a break from your screens and enjoy new, in-real-life experiences.
  4. Craft social by joining friends and family in a class to spend quality time together.
  5. Crafting can be environmentally friendly, create sustainably using local resources.