Despite that many have grown up with or been around technology for decades, tech terminology is sometimes elusive. By understanding key terms, you can more easily ask for help and navigate technology without getting frustrated.

Kindergarteners through adults, here are a few words to master for a desktop computer.


A computer that typically sits on top of an office desk. It holds the hardware that makes a computer run, and you connect devices such as a monitor, keyboard and mouse to it.


The monitor is connected to your desktop computer and displays output from the computer.  You will see programs, videos, text and more through a monitor. It is also called a display or screen. 


A set of keys used to enter characters into the computer.  A keyboard can connect via USB or wirelessly. Keyboard layouts mimic typewriter keyboards using the QWERTY design.


A mouse is used to move a cursor around on a computer monitor.  Mouse clicks interact with applications.

Battery Backup (UPS)

UPS = uninterruptible power supply


A device that provides power when a main power source fails.  If a desktop computer is plugged into a UPS, when a power failure occurs, the desktop will continue to run via the UPS for a set amount of time.

Ready to Learn?

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