Are you laughing enough? Do you have funny and weird titles on your to-be-read and to-be-watched lists? Reading and enjoying the library can be educational, but also fun and funny. Here are some of my top picks for keeping it weird and funny all summer!

Perhaps the king and queen of funny weird, you can’t go wrong with a book by a Sedaris! There are so many hilarious moments in David Sedaris books that make them excellent funny reads during the busy summer. Most of his stories are easy to jump in and out of whether you’re managing kids at the playground or navigating the airport. His sister, Amy Sedaris, is equally hilarious. Though more famous for her hit TV shows and cameo appearances, her funky take on homemaking and crafts will surely help you lighten up and laugh about home chores and throwing summer parties.

Funny people write funny books! These page-turners written by comedians are great quick reads that will make you laugh-out-loud. Mix them in with your genre favorites … or whatever you’re binging to help you keep your summer reading light-hearted.

If the last time you read a book with pictures was in elementary school, you’re missing out. The graphic novel genre has allowed artists and writers to tell innovative stories in print. Of course, there are always the classic standby cartoons for adults too, like Far Side, which you can’t beat for a funny and weird combo! The library does have several of these titles, and they are in the adult section. *Summer Reading pro-tip, these quick pictorial reads count as books read too!

It’s a strange coincidence that all of these movies have a strong red and blue themed cover. Or is this just reinforcing their connection as funny, weird movies? Here are a few of my top picks for funny and weird summer movies available in the library’s video collection.

Wishing you a summer of laugh-out-loud moments of your own!