Missing your book club buddies? In this time of Covid-19, there are ways around shelter-in-place in which you can still see your friends and discuss your books. 

Library staff had a discussion planned prior to closing followed through via Zoom. It was a mix of whatever book we had been reading. This is a great option when you haven’t been able to secure enough copies of one title or can’t actually pass around the few copies available.  We have another set for this week giving us the chance to catch up and get some suggestions on what to read next. 

If your group wants a common title, there are ways to achieve that as well. Try Hoopla, which you’ll find on the SPL website. The titles listed may be checked out by multiple patrons so everyone can have their own copy. You can search for titles by various categories, and there’s even a category suggestion for book clubs, which has both ebook and audio formats of the same titles. “Bad Ideas” by Missy Marston looks like a good one!

Bad Ideas book cover

A recent article in the Washington Post told of a group of women who used Zoom for their book discussion. They had been meeting once a month for 20 years and didn’t see a reason to stop now when social media platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Facebook Messenger and many others make it so easy to get together. Many of these women are in their 90s so if they can tackle it, so can you! 

And as you gather with your friends, lift up your favorite libation in a toast to all those on the front lines working to save lives. Stay home, stay safe but don’t stop reading. Don’t cut yourself off from friends, but use this opportunity to open new channels of communicaton.

 Looking forward to seeing you face to face.