Looking for that next great book? Maybe you’re planning to finally go on summer vacation again and need the perfect beach read. Look no further! With so many great new releases, we’ve lined up some of hottest ones of the summer:

  • “That Summer” by Jennifer Weiner
    Daisy Shoemaker leads a good but average life. She has a nice home in the suburbs, a beautiful family, and a successful business. Although she knows she should be counting her blessings, she can’t put her finger on why she doesn’t feel fulfilled. When she begins accidentally receiving emails meant for a Diana Starling (whose own email is nearly identical to Daisy’s) she becomes enamored with the other woman’s chic, successful, single-lady lifestyle. But when the two women finally contact one another, it turns out they share a connection and that those sent emails may not have been accidental.
  • “Seven Days in June” by Tia Williams
    Eva and Shane are both writers (of very different sorts) and surprisingly run into one another at a literary event in New York and spark an instant connection, not going unnoticed by the other Black writers at the event. What is unknown to everyone else is that Eva and Shane spent one passionate week together 15 years earlier and that they’ve secretly kept in touch by writing to one another in the pages of their books. In the heat of a Brooklyn summer, they have one week to reconnect and lay it out on the table and Eva definitely has a few unanswered questions to ask.
  • “Project Hail Mary” by Andy Weir
    If you’re wanting to travel a little further than the average summer family vacation, take a trip to space by reading Andy Weir’s, author of “The Martian,” new novel “Project Hail Mary.” It’s up to Ryland Grace to save the planet and all of humanity. It’s just too bad he can’t remember that. In fact, Ryland can’t even remember who he is. All he knows is that he woke up aboard a tiny spaceship with two dead people. As he slowly begins to regain his memory, he realizes that he has an impossible task to complete. With the sands of humanity’s hourglass quickly running out, Ryland knows he’s working on borrowed time to solve the biggest puzzle in science before it’s too late.
  • “Malibu Rising” Taylor Jenkins Reid
    Taylor Jenkins Reid’s newest novel has been all the buzz this summer. Set in August of 1983, the story follows the four Rivas siblings throughout the course of one day as a large party being held that evening at the family’s mansion quickly approaches. With their father being a famous musician and the siblings having successful careers as surfers, a photographer, and a supermodel, the Rivas children are always gossiped about by fellow Malibu residents. As the party progresses, each sibling yearns to escape the limelight, especially since each has drama uniquely their own. But as the night goes on, the party gets out of control and by morning, the mansion is in flames.
  • “One Last Stop” by Casey McQuiston
    Twenty-three-year-old August is convinced the best way to live life is to be alone. And her mundane existence in New York City is proof of that. That is until she meets Jane: a beautiful, mysterious, punk-rocker-look-alike, who sweeps in to save August. It isn’t long before her daily encounter with Jane on the subway is the highlight of each and every day. There’s just one problem; Jane is a displaced time traveler from the 1970s, and August decides it’s up to her to save her new crush. As McQuiston’s newest release since “Red, White and Royal Blue,” “One Last Stop” has been highly anticipated!
  • “People We Meet on Vacation” by Emily Henry
    Poppy and Alex are exact opposites. He’s a homebody, she’s an adventurer. But ever since college they have been the best of friends. Since then, they live across the country from one another but meet up every year for a week-long vacation together. That is until two years ago when they ruined their friendship. But Poppy, in a desperate attempt to patch things up, invites Alex on one last vacation; a final chance to clear the air. Alex agrees. Now they have seven days to make things right between one another. Released earlier this year, this is the perfect vacation read!

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