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Salina Public Library art exhibits showcase local artistic talent and compelling exhibits of interest to the public. The virtual gallery will feature a new exhibit each month. If you’d like to learn more about the artist please contact Salina Public Library at

One Fold At A Time... by David Olson

Current Exhibit

Calm Strength by David Olson

Paper, 50" x 16" x 4"

Serenity Streams by David Olson

Paper, 48" x 16" x 3"

Contemplative Centering by David Olson

Paper, 20" x 30" x 5"

Sunrise Moment by David Olson

Paper, 18" x 8" x 2"

Sunset Awareness by David Olson

Paper, 20" x 20" x 3"

Sentinel Grace by David Olson

Paper, 40" x 24" x 4"

Sentinel Serenity by David Olson

Paper, 48" x 15" x 3"

Swirling Discernment by David Olson

Paper, 42" x 12" x 3"

Mindful Strength by David Olson

Paper, 30" x 16" x 5"

Grounded Movement by David Olson

Paper, 18" x 12" x 3"

Playful Mindfulness by David Olson

Paper, 25" x 18" x 3"

Transcending Growth by David Olson

Paper, 20" x 26" x 3"

Mindful Awareness by David Olson

Paper, 24" x 25" x 3"

Artist Statement

The design of the work reflects an integration of forms revealing a synergy that results in a visual dynamic of energy where the parts are supported by the whole. My sculpture uses archival paper to reflect on the grace, flow, and complexity of life that is fragile, yet is enduring and strong when placed together.

More Work by David Olson

Artist Biography

As an artist, I have taught full-time in higher education. I started full time teaching at Wichita State University in Wichita, Kansas, where I was an assistant professor. I have also taught full-time at Newman University in Wichita, Kansas, where I was an associate professor. I have also taught as an adjunct art instructor at Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kansas. I have been the art studio manager for Clayworks at Disability Support of the Great Plains.


As a sculptor, I create art daily. I exhibit regionally and locally.


I remember making art as a public school student, starting my visual art education at Salina High School - South in Kansas. I later earned a Bachelor of arts degree from Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kansas, a Master of Arts degree from Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois, and a Master of Fine Arts degree from Southern Illinois University - Carbondale in Carbondale, Illinois.

Interested in exhibiting?

Salina Public Library invites artists to apply to show new work in Gallery 708 by filling out an application and providing a website, digital images, slides or prints or printouts of work samples for review. Applications from artists not selected for a show will be kept on file for future consideration. For more information, contact us at

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