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Salina Public Library art exhibits showcase local artistic talent and compelling exhibits of interest to the public. The virtual gallery will feature a new exhibit each month. If you’d like to learn more about the artist please contact Salina Public Library Head of Community Engagement Amanda Colgrove at 785-825-4624, ext. 206, or email


Due to COVID-19, in-person exhibits and receptions have been suspended until further notice.

Current Exhibit

Eye Do by Shelley Griffith | May 7–May 31

See if you can guess what business each face represents before reading the caption and click on each image to reveal a full face portrait.

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Eye choose a shaver. This is my passion. Eye am a full service barber shop.
–Carl Gray, Carl's Cuts

Eye chose to paint one of the most popular items requested in our face painting business, a tiger. Look close, there is a twist. You will find a paintbrush that appears to be painting the design. Eye am a professional face painter. 
–Anson Acosta, Color Me Crazy! Face Painting

Eye chose to wear a massage holster and oil because using oil is key to “a smooth appointment” with me. I am a professional massage therapist.
–Gary Marten, Peaceful Body Wellness Retreat

Eye choose trash. I tell my customers "I AM the face of trash” in this community. What better way to drive that slogan home then with actual trash on my face! Eye am the face of trash.
–Lucas Sharp, Salina Waste Systems

Eye choose a purple star, which represents our team name and color. The baton in the center is the focus of the sport that brings us together. Outlining the star are rhinestones representing each athlete as an individual, but when joined they make our team shine brightly as one. Stars Shine! Eye am an instructor.
–Shannon Meis, Shannon Stars Twirling Club

Eye chose to have a cat painted on my face. I often hear “I hate cats” I respond with, “then you haven’t met the right cat!” Cats are often the ‘underdog’ and misrepresented. Eye chose to advocate for the cat. Eye am a veterinarian.
–Dr. Misty Gore, Salina Veterinary Hospital

Eye am an artist. Eye chose various art mediums—pencils, ink, paint, computer graphics—to help my clients tell their unique story. Eye am a storyteller and graphic designer.
–Michael Freeland, Mr. Freeland Designs

Eye chose a gargoyle. The Temple has 122 copper gargoyles that watch over this historic building and call it home. The past 5 years I have been working to save their home for future generations to enjoy. The gargoyle represents our building and our mission. Eye am the keeper (Executive Director) of the gargoyles.
–Mary Landis, The Temple

Eye chose to cover my face with turf and a rake as a representation of our company. At myLawn! Turf & Tree, we see through the grass and the leaves so we can focus on the health of your soil. Eye am a lawn care professional.
–Jeremy Elliott, myLawn! Turf & Tree

Eye chose a dollar bill. As a financial advisor, my goal is to assist my customers in saving them money as in “dollars”. Eye am a financial advisor.
–Cindy Stevens, UMB Bank

Eye chose the stainless steel blade of our Orifice Gate Valve that we manufacture here in Salina. This design was Vortex’s first patented product and it continues to solve a lot of dry bulk material handling issues for our customers. Eye am CEO of Vortex.
–Travis Young, Salina Vortex Corp.

Eye choose a window. In my business, real estate has become a window to the world of business relationships and friendships. Buying or selling, call Juanelle. Eye am your realtor.
–Juanelle Garretson,

Eye chose a magnifying glass to represent home inspections. Notice the double rings reflecting in the glass. That reflection represents that I do a full circle, double-check inspection of your property. Eye am a professional home inspector.
–John Mattox, Clarity Inspections & Radon

Eye chose a facemask. Healthy Solutions is a company that offers nutrition for your whole body. I am feeding my skin. Eye am a wellness coach.
–Jane Kobetich, Healthy Solutions

Seeing clearly now. Eye chose the “E” from the eye chart to represent my business as an optometrist. Eye am an optometrist.
–Dr. Katy Ebert, Drs. Cooper, Banninger & Ebert

Eye chose this old red lantern. It represents how I help my clients gain awareness by shining a light into the unknown. Eye am a therapist.
–Katie Pembleton, Common Thread Coaching and Consulting

Eye chose to hold bugs to represent our family business and our passion to keep both residential and commercial establishments bug free. Eye am a pest control professional.
–Ashley Fruits, Toxeol World Pest Control

Eye chose to show my heart. This photo is to represent myself as an auto sales professional. I love cars, but I love helping people find their next car even more! Eye am an auto sales professional.
–Travis Godfrey, Valor Auto

Eye chose to hold my hands in a specific manner that depicts the position my hands are held when giving a chiropractic adjustment. Eye am “Doc” Kempton, a chiropractor.
–Dr. D.E. (Doc) Kempton, Kempton Family Wellness Center

Eye am a business women first and a photographer second. In my photo my exposed eye is sharp and focused to represent that I am focused and dedicated to my business. The other eye has a mini polaroid photo over it to represent what it is I do as a career and to show my personality and character. I like to have fun, laugh, and have a good time when taking photos. Eye am a small business owner who owns her own photography studio.
–Shelley Griffith, Lasting Memories by SG


Eye Do — a photo gallery of local business owners who are telling the public a story through their unique headshot. You will find one eye focused and sharp, representing the business owner’s dedication and focus on running their business. The other eye is covered by something that represents their business. Try to figure out what it is they do. How does what they are displaying represent their company? Get a little closer and meet your local business owners.
My intention behind this gallery is to bring awareness to the community of different and unique businesses in our city and to help people put a face to the name—give the business a relatable identity. I love this city and the unique opportunities it has to offer. Salina is quite an amazing place with a rich and unique history that I am proud to be living in. We have big companies with big names that are the cornerstone of Salina but names do not feel as personal or relatable as a face. Instead of seeing a name, I hope to help people see a face with my Eye Do gallery.


Shelley Griffith is a professional photographer that started her photography journey as a college student just needing that GPA booster class. She has been patiently building her skills and business over a period of 18 years. Shelley has been working in Salina as a professional photographer since 2015. She believes

that average is the enemy of excellence therefore she is always pushing herself to be better and do better. Much of her inspiration comes from life itself and the people in it. Capturing moments in life that can never be recaptured drives her passion for photography. The truth of how simple and fragile life is gives her inspiration to push the limits, explore and make each session its own. Connecting to those around her give her purpose and keep her looking at life with childlike eyes each time she pulls out the camera.

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