Nov. 12, 2018 Salina Public Library is offering a one day of fine and fee forgiveness on Nov. 27. Library cardholders can have up to $50 of fines or fees waived from their library account.

“We know that when times are tough, patrons need the library the most, and we understand that having overdue fines or fees on your library card can be a barrier to accessing all the library’s resources,” Lindsey Miller-Escarfuller, the library’s director, said.

To participate in the fine forgiveness, library cardholders must visit the library on Nov. 27 between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. Staff at the Circulation Desk can check accounts. Forgiveness includes overdue fines and fees for lost or damaged items. Cardholders will remain responsible for fines or fees over $50. Forgiveness is not transferable from one account to another.

“Now is your opportunity to bring in overdue or lost books, CDs, video games and DVDs, and we will waive your fees,” Miller-Escarfuller explained. “The day of fine forgiveness is also a chance for the library to retrieve items that were once lost and can now be added back to the collection.”

For more information on the day of fine forgiveness, contact Kristi Hansen, Head of Circulation, at or (785) 825-4624, ext. 221.