Community Spotlight

The Community Spotlight Display is a rotating spotlight on unique community collections for the enjoyment of the community. Everyone served by the Salina Public Library is welcome to display their collections in the Community Spotlight Display, subject to the guidelines below.

Physical Information about the display cabinet:

  • 5ft tall
  • 18 inches deep
  • 5ft 10 inches wide
  • Shelves are 11.5 inches deep
  • Shelves are 5ft 7 inches wide
  • 2 shelves and base -Currently
  • Can add extra shelves as necessary

Rules regarding display:

  • Patrons must bring their own printed materials with them to set up. (item cards, fact sheets, etc.)
  • No items may be displayed which are against library policies to bring into the building or access within the building. (weapons, obscene materials, etc.)
  • Communtiy members must meet with the organizing staff members in person to finalize their display at least two weeks prior to their requested time.
  • Items of significant monetary value are discouraged from being displayed.
  • The library reserves the right to cancel a display for any reason.
  • Items that are not removed from the display case after the takedown date may be disposed of.
  • The case will remain closed after set up until a display has run its course.
  • Standard display lengths are one month.
  • Failure to show up for the display’s set up time without communication prior may result in cancellation of display.

If you would like to submit an idea for the Community Spotlight fill out the form below.