Daily fines & fees

Late materials have a fine of 10 cents per day per item; the maximum fine per item is $3, except for Playaway Launchpads and Hotspots, which have a $3 per day fine and a max fine of $90.

Read Down Your Fines

Youth have the option of reading to reduce fines. For every 15 minutes read, up to $1 of fines on youth items will be removed. Youth may also bring in reading logs from school to reduce fines.

Lost, stolen, or damaged materials

Lost, stolen or damaged materials are the responsibility of the borrower. The average replacement cost plus a processing fee will be charged in these cases.

Restriction from borrowing materials

Patrons with fines over $5 may not check out materials until their fines are $5 or less.

Patrons cannot check out items until lost, stolen or damaged materials have been paid for or replaced.

Renewing a card with fines

Your library card will need to be renewed every three years at which time all outstanding fines must be paid.