Proctoring Procedures


Before scheduling a test

  1. Read and agree to our Proctoring Policy. Please note, as mentioned in our policy, our testing area is NOT enclosed and is NOT guaranteed to be quiet. Feel free to bring disposable foam earplugs to help reduce noise.
  2. Fill out a Proctor Request Form (fill out one form per course).
  3. Submit all forms your school requires to

After receiving confirmation from us

  1. Register for your test on our Library Calendar. There is no need to fill out a Proctor Request Form again for subsequent tests for the same class.
  2. Bring your current photo ID and Salina Public Library card to take your test.


  • Please email passwords to two or more days in advance of the student’s test date, including the student’s name and course in the subject line.
  • Include your policies about what the student is allowed to use while taking the test. If not specified, we will default to our policy.
  • We will notify you if we believe the test has been compromised.