SERVICES-001: Hours & Holidays

The Library hours are:

  • Monday – Thursday          9:00 A.M – 8:00 P.M.
  • Friday                               10:00 A.M – 6:00 P.M.
  • Saturday                           10:00 A.M – 5:00 P.M.
  • Sunday                             12:00 P.M – 5:00 P.M.

Exceptions may occur. The Director or Assistant Director may open or close the Library for additional hours due to special events, emergencies, staff training, Library improvements or inclement weather. Events or Library services may be rescheduled or cancelled due to inclement weather such as extreme heat, expected snow and/or ice, etc. Any changes made to the regular schedule will be made public in a timely manner.

Any changes made to the regular schedule will be made public in a timely manner.

The Library is closed on the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Easter Sunday
  • Memorial Day
  • Juneteenth
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Friday after Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day

When Christmas and New Year’s occur on a Sunday, the Library is closed on the following Monday.

The Library closes early on this holiday:

  • New Year’s Eve – 1 p.m.

The Library closes at 6 p.m. on the day before Thanksgiving

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SERVICES-002: Library Cards

Library materials may be borrowed by anyone with a Salina Public Library card in good standing. Cards are issued to Kansas residents. Those who are out-of-state, but are temporarily Kansas residents, such as a student, may be issued a card. There is no charge for a Library card. Patrons who receive a Library card agree to abide by all policies of the Library.

002.1: Types of Cards

The types of Library cards are:

  1. Patron Card
  2. Youth Card
  3. Virtual Card
  4. School Library Card
  5. Non-Saline County Resident Card
  6. VIP Card

Patron Card:

  • Available to patrons age 11 or older
    • Patrons younger than 18 must have consent from a legal guardian (see Youth Card information)
  • Check out of any item, with a $5 fine limit
  • PC access on the main level of the Library adult areas
  • Full access to virtual services
  • Fines accumulate & patrons are charged for lost items
    • Fines are not charged for books checked out in the Youth Services area.

Youth Card:

  • Available to patrons younger than 18 with consent from a legal guardian
    • Guarantor’s name must be listed on the account
  • Check out items in the Youth Services, with a $5 fine limit
  • PC access in the Youth Services department
  • Access to most virtual services
  • Fines accumulate and patrons charged for lost items (The legal guardian accepts full financial responsibility.)
    • Fines are not charged for books checked out in the Youth Services area.

Virtual Card:

  • Available to patrons age 11 or older
    • Patrons younger than 18 must have consent from a legal guardian (see Youth Card information)
  • PC access on the main level of the Library adult areas
    • Patrons younger than 18 may have PC access in the youth services department
  • Cannot check out physical Library materials
  • Full access to virtual services
  • No fines or charges for lost items due to virtual services only

School Library Card:

  • Cards are created by using Student IDs provided by the educational institution
  • Up to 10 physical items may be checked out at one time
  • No fines or fees are charged.  If an item is not returned, further checkouts are not allowed
  • Privileges will be restricted if items are not returned or damaged
  • Access to digital resources is provided
  • Access to computers in the Youth Services area of the Library with free printing up to $1 for school related work

Non-Saline County Resident Card:

  • For patrons who reside outside of Saline County
  • Reduced access to services

VIP Card:

A VIP Card is provided to the Library Board, Library Staff, Educators and Friends of the Library.

  • Check out of any item, with a $5 fine limit
  • PC access on the main level of the Library adult areas
  • Full access to virtual services
  • No fines, patrons are charged for lost items

Only library material charges can be on library accounts.

002.2: Requirements to Receive a Card

All library accounts require a photo. This photo is stored within the Library system. This is to protect patrons from unwanted activity on their account.

Youth Card

Any child, 17 years old and younger, is eligible to receive a youth Library card.

The child must be accompanied by a parent, step-parent or legal guardian who:

  • Accepts legal responsibility for use of the card.
  • Provides a current photo ID with current address of that parent, step-parent, or legal guardian on it.

When a child turns 18, the youth card expires. The account remains in the system.
The patron will be asked to apply for a new Library card and provide what is necessary as listed below.

Patron Card

Anyone age 18 and older may be eligible for a Library card.  Anyone 11 to 17, may apply for a Library Card, but must have someone who accepts responsibility for the card.
The Library card applicant must:

  • Provide a current photo ID with current mailing address.
  • Provide current photo ID and a piece of mail with patron’s name and current address.
    • Anyone younger than 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent, step-parent or legal guardian who:
      • Accepts legal responsibility for use of the card.
      • Provides a current photo ID with current address of that parent, step-parent, or legal guardian on it.

Virtual Card

Anyone in Salina or Saline County can apply for a virtual Library card online. Virtual cards are applied for at the Library or online. Those outside of Salina or Saline County must come in to the Library to apply for a virtual card.

002.3: Responsibilities

Patrons are responsible for all materials borrowed on their card, including payment of fines or charges incurred. Parents/guardians are responsible for all materials checked out by a patron 17 or younger.

Patrons are responsible for notifying the Library promptly of any change of contact information or loss of a Library card. Patrons are provided 1 Library card and account.

002.4: Card Expiration & Renewal

All Library cards have an expiration date. Cards must be renewed. All fines and fees must be paid for a card to be renewed.

Cards expire in 3 years with the following exceptions:

  • Cards for foster children expire in 6 months.
  • Friends of the Library cards expire annually.
  • School Library cards expire upon graduation.

002.5: Replacement Cards

Replacement cards are issued for $1.00.

Replacement cards must be paid for and cannot be charged to the account. To receive a replacement card, all fines and fees must be paid for if the account balance is over $5.

002.6: Kansas Library Cards

The State Library of Kansas authorizes the Salina Public Library to issue Kansas Library Cards to Kansas residents. There is no charge for a card and proof of residency must be shown for the card. This includes full name and date of birth. The Kansas Library Card is not related to a patron’s standing with their current Salina Public Library card.

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SERVICES-003: Circulation of Materials

A patron should use their own card to check out materials. If the patron has forgotten their card, they can go to the circulation desk to ask for assistance. The patron must show a photo ID or the patron must have a photo on file in the Library system if they do not have their card to check out materials.

A patron must be at least 18 years of age to check out a hotspot or a Roku device.

When patrons use Library materials, the Library assumes no responsibility for damage caused to a patron’s device(s).

Patrons agree to abide by Library circulation policies. Any exceptions or Library system overrides by staff must be approved by a Department Head, the Director or Assistant Director.

003.1: Loan Periods

The majority of Library materials circulate for 28 days. The chart below provides loan periods and checkout limits for materials.

Patrons may renew items if no one else has the item on hold. Items can only be renewed 2 times.

A maximum of 50 items can be checked out.

Loan Period Item Maximum Checkouts
7 Day Loan Period Hotspot, Roku, Nintendo Switch 1
High Demand DVDs, CDs 5
14 Day Loan Period Games – Video, Games – Tabletop, NonTraditional Items 2
High Demand Audiobook formats, ILL 6
DVDs, CD Music 20
High Demand Books 50
28 Day Loan Period Book Discussion Books 3
Kits 2
Audiobook formats, Magazines, Youth Magazines 10
Books, Graphic Novels, Manga, Paperbacks 50

*in building use only

Chromebooks 1 (4 hours per day)

*no renewals, no holds

003.2: Holds

The Library accepts hold requests from Library patrons on all items, both on the shelf and checked out items. Patrons can place a hold on materials in all formats. Priority for use of an item goes to the patron who places an item on hold rather than one who picks it up off the shelf and brings an item on hold to the desk for checkout.

Patrons are notified of holds by phone, text or email. Patrons can also see if a hold is available by checking his/her online account. The patron is responsible for picking up the hold within 7 days. Materials not picked up by that time, will be shelved or held for the next patron.

Specific non-traditional items must be returned prior to placing another hold on the same type of item. 
Devices included: 

  • Hotspot
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Roku

003.3: Fines & Fees

Fines are $0.10 a day per item with a maximum of $3 except for specific materials. More expensive Library materials incur a larger per day fine of $3 with a maximum of $90.

Items not returned or returned damaged will incur a replacement charge. Replacement prices are set on each item within the Library system and are determined by the average cost for that type of material and a processing fee.

Patrons are responsible to return materials when items are due and pay account fees. The library can use a collection service to assist in the return of the materials and payments on accounts. Accounts sent to collections will incur a $10 fee which must be paid. Items must be returned in good condition,  within 90 days of being overdue in order for the replacement charge to be removed from the account. After 90 days, the overdue items will no longer be accepted and replacement charges must be paid.

003.4: Claims Returned

Claims refer to a patron claiming either that books or materials in question have already been returned or that the materials had never been borrowed by the patron. There is a limit of 2 (two) claims per patron; that is, a patron may make such a claim 2 (two) times before the Library will put a stop on the patron’s card. Each claim will be recorded in the Library system. Once the patron reaches the limit, the patron must either return the material or pay for the cost of the materials in the last claim. The patron must do this before being allowed to use a Library card to borrow materials again.

003.5: Damaged Materials

Some Library materials, such as DVDs, games, etc., must be cared for properly by the patron. Materials that are sensitive to heat, cold, etc., are the responsibility of the patron and must be paid for if damaged.

003.6: Bugs and Contaminated Materials

The Salina Public Library is committed to providing safe and clean resources for patrons to borrow and use. Patrons are responsible for returning materials in clean condition, without bugs or odors. When Library staff discovers a problem, such as bed bugs, cockroaches or a strong odor, such as cat urine, in returned materials or other books, they will assess the situation and determine if the material can still be used or must be replaced by the patron.

If material(s) must be replaced, staff will issue a warning to the patron that it is unacceptable and cannot happen again. The warning will be noted on the patron account. If it happens a second time, the patron will be informed that the household cannot borrow materials again until proof is shown of correcting the problem.

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003.7: Purchase Requests

Patrons are limited to 4 requests per calendar month so we can ensure that everyone in the community has the opportunity to make recommendations.

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InterLibrary Loan (ILL) is a cooperative service agreement between libraries to lend or borrow materials in order to fill patron requests.

InterLibrary Loan is a service provided by Salina Public Library for patrons in order to obtain materials not in our collection. Patrons are encouraged to use ILL, after thoroughly searching our Library resources.

  • Up to 6 requests may be submitted in person at the Library, by telephone or through the Library website.
  • Library accounts need to be in good standing.
  • Patrons must have a Patron, VIP or Non-Saline County Resident card to utilize ILL.
  • Patrons with transient addresses will be limited to in library use.
  • Loan requests can be made for items owned by SPL that are long overdue or missing.
  • When the requested item comes in, the patron will be notified by text message, email or phone and will have a week to pick it up. Items must be checked out to the account of the person making the request.
  • ILL items normally check out for 2 weeks.
  • Patrons are responsible to pay for lost or damaged ILL items. The cost is determined by the lending Library, not SPL. The patron’s account will be charged accordingly.

ILL service may be suspended or removed for patrons who fail to comply with policy.

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Latest Reviewed & Approved Date: 2/15/2022, 09/17/2019

SERVICES-005: Outreach

005.1: Home Delivery

The Library provides delivery of materials to residents of Salina who are physically unable to visit the Library due to a personal limitation, such as advanced age, illness or physical disability. Patrons who are temporarily or permanently confined to their homes or who live in nursing homes, care centers or retirement residences may have Library materials delivered to them at no charge. There is no age requirement. The homebound status can be temporary or permanent. A completed application and medical verification of the homebound condition is required. The Library reserves the right to discontinue deliveries, if we learn that the client’s homebound status has changed or there are safety issues.

005.2: Child Care Delivery

The Library delivers monthly to registered child care providers in Salina. An application to be considered for this service must be completed.

005.3: Little Libraries

A Little Library is a “take a book, leave a book” free book exchange. Donated and discarded Library materials are distributed to our Little Libraries.

005.4: Lobby Stops

Library materials are taken to residential locations once a month so residents can browse the collection, check out books, visit with the library staff person, and enjoy Library service without leaving home.

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Latest Reviewed & Approved Date: 09/17/2019

SERVICES-006: Technology

006.1: Salina Public Library Technology Use Policy

Salina Public Library provides resources in a wide variety of formats to meet the cultural, informational, recreational and educational needs of our diverse community. Technology is an integral part of the resources available to assist Library users in finding the information they need. The Library has developed the following guidelines to promote a positive atmosphere conducive to the best use of its technological resources.

The library provides…

  • public access computers for those with a current library account or guests who provide photo ID.
  • free Wifi. The name of the Wifi is: Salina Public Library.
  • print services at the cost of $.10 per side for black & white, $.25 per side for color. Available to public computers and mobile devices.
  • copy services at the cost of $.10 per side.
  • gaming systems for those with a current library account or guests who provide photo ID.

For those under 18, an exception may be made if they do not have a library account or photo ID.  Exceptions are approved by library staff  if they are accompanied by a parent, step-parent or guardian that accepts responsibility for their usage. This individual must remain with the guest and provide appropriate ID. 

All technology users…

  • must not use another person’s library card or ID to reserve a session on library devices.
  • will abide by time and session limits.
  • will not drink or eat at public use devices.
  • must use headphones on devices to listen to audio.
  • must understand that the Library does not take responsibility for any personal accounts or information used on public devices. Users are advised to log off accounts and save their work to an external storage device when ending their session.
  • may not make any attempt to change or damage technology equipment, software, or services.
  • will abide by the Library Internet Access & Safety Policy.
  • will abide by State and Federal Laws that govern the use of public access to technology.
  • must understand that the Library’s technology is subject to periodic maintenance and unforeseen downtime.
  • will please report any Library equipment damages to the Tech Center help desk upon discovery.
  • will agree and hereby release, and hold harmless, the Salina Public Library, its employees and or any affiliate, from any damage that may result from their use of this technology.
  • understand the Library reserves the right to terminate technology use at any time.

006.2 Internet Access & Safety Policy

The Salina Public Library provides workstations for free public access to the Internet as an informational, educational and recreational resource. The Library expects that all use of electronic information resources, such as the Internet, will be responsible and ethical, consistent with the purpose for which these resources are provided.

The Salina Public Library is concerned for the safety and security of users who access online information. When one uses the Internet, one “leaves” the Library. The safety and security of users accessing the Internet at the library require those persons to be cautious, thoughtful, protective of personal information, and respectful of Library policy and state and federal laws. In particular, and in accordance to KS CIPA, the Salina Public Library strives to protect the safety of minors online. This prompts use to implement and enforce technology protection measures to: ensure that no minor has access to visual depictions that are child pornography, harmful to minors, or obscene; and ensure that no person has access to visual depictions that are child pornography or obscene, as defined by Kansas Law, while using library devices or services. The restriction of a minor’s access to the Internet beyond that required by this policy and governing laws is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.

Potential users must understand that the Library does not routinely monitor network traffic, but reserves the right to do so when a violation of this policy is observed or suspected. Staff are authorized to take immediate action to protect the security and integrity of the Library’s patrons, computers, and network. This includes, but is not limited to, restricting or removing internet access, requiring a user to leave a public computer and/or the Library premises, or contacting law enforcement authorities. Any appeals to these actions can be submitted to the Library director.

Patrons who encounter websites which they believe should be blocked but which are not, or who are prevented from accessing websites which they believe should not be blocked may submit a complaint. This should be given in writing to the Technology Department Head and include the URL of the site in question and whether the request is to block or unblock it. Staff shall examine the site and determine whether it should be blocked or unblocked. Any appeals to these actions can be submitted to the Library Director.

Complaints about the enforcement of this policy or observed patron behavior which violate this policy shall also be submitted in writing to the Library Director or Technology Department Head, providing as much detail as possible.

The library shall inform patrons of the provisions of this policy, including the standards used and procedures for complaint, by making the policy available on the library’s web site and in print at the Technology Center Help Desk.

This policy document will be reviewed by the Salina Public Library Board at least every three years.

006.3: Laws

The Salina Public Library requires potential technology users to comply with all federal and state laws with a particular awareness of federal laws on the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and the Neighborhood Children’s Internet Protection Act (NCIPA), copyright (U.S. Code, Title 17), Kansas laws relating to obscenity (KSA 21-6401 & KSA 21-6402) and KSA 75-2589, and amendments thereto, commonly known as the Kansas Children’s Internet Protection Act (KS-CIPA). Furthermore, Internet users are not to use the equipment in any unauthorized or unlawful manner or for any illegal purpose, including as described in the Kansas Criminal Code (KSA 21-5839).

Revision Date(s): 03/15/2022, 09/17/2019
Latest Reviewed & Approved Date: 03/15/2022


A program is defined as an event sponsored or co-sponsored by the Library. A program can be a single event or a series of events, take place inside or outside of the library, or take place online. Programming furthers the mission and values of Salina Public Library.
Programming is a fundamental component of library service that:

  • Introduces attendees to library resources and materials;
  • Provides learning and entertainment opportunities to meet the informational, educational and recreational needs of those attending the program;
  • Raises awareness and visibility of the library to the community;
  • Supports and responds to emerging community interests as well as established interests and demands;
  • Expands the Library’s role as a cultural and community center; and/or
  • Extends outreach for underserved populations.

Programs will be developed with consideration for the principles of accessibility, equity and inclusiveness, and will contribute to the Library’s safe, supporting and welcoming environment. Reasonable accommodations will be made to ensure that programs are accessible to all who wish to attend and participate.

Library staff uses many criteria when making decisions about program topics, speakers and accompanying resources, including:

  • Community needs and interests
  • Relation to library collections, resources, services and events
  • Connections to other community programs, exhibits or events
  • Historical or educational significance
  • Treatment of content for intended audience
  • Presenter expertise and/or public performance experience
  • Popular appeal

Library selection of a program does not constitute an endorsement of the content of the program or the views expressed by presenters.

Library programs must have a special educational, informational or cultural value to the community. Programs of a purely commercial nature or those designed for the solicitation of business will not be offered by the library. Examples of programs that would be considered of a commercial nature include, but are not limited to, presentations offered for free but with the intention of soliciting future business.

Programs that support or oppose any political candidate or ballot measure will not be approved or offered by the library. However, educational programs, such as candidate forums that include invitations to all recognized candidates may be offered.

Programs will not be offered or approved that support or oppose a specific religion. Programs are planned to be inclusive of all cultures and of all religions and no religion. Library programs may address religious themes to educate or inform, but not to promote, observe or proselytize a particular religious conviction. Holiday programs may be offered for the entertainment of library Patrons.

Religious, non-profit and partisan groups may utilize meeting rooms for programs and meetings as provided by the library’s Meeting Rooms Policy.

007.1: Fees

Some programs or classes may require a nominal fee. The Library will make every effort to keep fees fair and reasonable. Costs for a program may be used to cover instructor fees, supplies and/or location rental. Fees must be paid at the time of registration, if registration is required, or at the door for drop-in classes.

The Director or Assistant Director and Department Head of Information Services can set discounts for library staff and patrons to reduce barriers to access. Discounts should be equitable and take into account the program’s budget and access for patrons.

007.2: Registration

Registration may be required for planning purposes, when space is limited or when programs require a fee. Programs may have deadlines by which patrons must register. Various registration options are available for participants. Drop-in programs do not require registration. 

A maximum number of students is set for all programs, therefore all patrons may not be able to attend.

007.3: Refunds & Cancellations

The Library may cancel scheduled programs for any reason. If the Library cancels a program, all registered patrons will receive the option of receiving a full refund. Patrons will be offered the opportunity to donate the refund amount to the library. If patrons do not reply requesting a refund after two weeks, the amount will be automatically donated.

Patrons registered for a program with fees who cancel their registration before the program is held will be refunded their fee. Refunds will not be issued if library staff are not notified of non-attendance before the program. Refunds will not be offered for partial attendance of programs that occur over several meetings.

If the program is offered online, patrons are responsible for ensuring that they have a device that is compatible with the technology, the needed internet connection and that they understand how to access the technology prior to class. Refunds will not be issued for failure to log in or faulty devices or internet connections.

007.4: Audiences

Some programs may be developed for a particular audience, i.e. attendees should be within the appropriate age group such as children or teens, or may require an accompanying adult. The Library reserves the right to set age limits or recommendations for programs. In determining appropriate age recommendations, staff will consider the suitability of the program’s materials, format and program presenters, the relevancy and suitability of topic, messages and programming methods for the intended audience. Programs designed for specific audiences will be publicized as such.

All patrons must comply with the Library’s Rules of Behavior.

007.5 Partnerships, Performers & Presenters

The Library may draw upon other community resources when developing programs and may actively partner with other community agencies, organizations, educational and cultural institutions or individuals to develop and present co-sponsored public programs.

The Library encourages volunteer performers and presenters in order to keep costs down and to create a strong community-based program, but professional performers and presenters that reflect specialized or unique expertise may be hired to provide Library programs. Paid performers and presenters must complete a W-9 and program agreement that lays out the scope of work and expectations for both parties.

Unsolicited offers from individuals and organizations to present programs will be evaluated by the same standards used when planning Library programming. Such programming opportunities should further the mission and values of the Salina Public Library as outlined in this policy.

Organizations or individuals collaborating with the Library on programs must coordinate marketing efforts with the Library’s Community Engagement Department.

007.6: Evaluation

Assessments of the effectiveness of Library programs are based on attendance and audience satisfaction. Other evaluation criteria include attraction of new Patrons to the Library, the promotion of Library goals, and addressing the needs of a specific target audience as reported on program evaluation forms.

007.7: Requests for Review of Library Programs

Patrons wishing to express concerns may request a review of library programs by submitting a provided form following established Library procedure.

Patrons may request a review of a Library program by following established Library procedure.  The process is as follows:

  1. Patrons concerned with a program should schedule a meeting to discuss their concerns with the Head of Information Services, Head of Youth Services, Technology Manager, the Assistant Director or Library Director.   Staff will provide the Library’s programs policies to the patron. 
  2. After discussion with one of the listed staff members above, if the individual is still concerned about the program, they may complete a programs review request form.

Upon receipt of a request for review form:

  1. The Director or Assistant Director and appropriate Department Head(s) will review the program, and a copy of the review request will be provided to the Library Board.
  2. The decision of the review will be provided to the patron and the Library Board. 
  3. If the patron is not satisfied with the outcome, he/she may request in writing to the President of the Library Board that the procedure be reviewed by the Board for consideration at an upcoming meeting.  The Boards is limited to a review of whether the library policies have been appropriately applied.  If a determination is made that the policies have not been applied appropriately, further action may be taken as needed by the Board.

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Latest Reviewed & Approved Date: 03/15/2022

SERVICES-008: Test Proctoring

The Library provides proctoring service free of charge. Specific proctoring sessions are offered during the week by appointment. All requirements and procedures must be followed for the proctoring session by the institution, instructor and student. The library will provide monitoring, but cannot provide one-on-one proctoring or continuous, uninterrupted monitoring of exams. Students are responsible for determining whether the library’s level of supervision matches the requirements of their institution.

Revision Date(s): 03/16/2021, 09/17/2019
Latest Reviewed & Approved Date: 09/17/2019

SERVICES-009: Social Media Policy

The Salina Public Library publishes and participates in various media and social networking platforms to provide services and information and to connect with the community. The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for the use and maintenance of SPL’s digital presence.  

Digital presence includes websites, social media apps or platforms that allow users to find and share information. Examples include but are not limited to Facebook, the library’s website, and Instagram. 

1.All published digital content must clearly support the library’s service roles, goals and objectives, and operation. Development of new digital and social media will be reviewed by the Head of Marketing and/or the Director or Assistant Director.

2.The role and utility of social networking sites will be evaluated periodically by staff and may be terminated at any time as deemed appropriate by the library. 

3.Public comment and posting to the library’s social media outlets is encouraged. The library is not responsible for public comment and reserves the right to review all comments and postings and delete those that are inconsistent with the content created, such as spam, by the library as well as any speech that is not protected by the First Amendment. The library may delete any comments or block individuals who post content that fall into the following categories:

    • Obscene, sexist or racist content
    • Harassment of other users or staff
    • Potentially libelous and slanderous statements
    • Plagiarizing or posting copyrighted material without permission or authority
    • Information of a private or personal nature
    • Comments, postings or links not related to the content created by the library staff
    • Advertisement and solicitation
    • Threats to library staff, library board members, or library patrons

4.It is at the discretion of Salina Public Library’s Head of Marketing and the Director or Assistant Director to determine the length of time an individual will be blocked. If more than three Social Media Behavior Policy violations occur, the user will be permanently blocked from all Salina Public Library digital platforms. Any threats made via digital platforms that directly or indirectly risk the safety of any library personnel or patrons may be reported to local authorities and may result in the individual user being banned from the library property.

Social networking records are transitory. Records from third-party sites are not stored by the library. Records are not retained after administrative or reference value has been served.

5. Social media and other digital platforms may be governed by the terms of a third-party service provider. Users should be aware that third-party services have their own privacy policies and should proceed accordingly.

Comments expressed on any social media platform do not reflect the views or positions of the library, its officers, or its employees. Social media users should exercise their own judgment about the quality and accuracy of any information presented through social media.

Revision Date(s): 12/19/2023, 03/16/2021, 09/17/2019
Latest Reviewed & Approved Date: 12/19/2023