1000 Books before Kindergarten

Help your child know that they are a part of something big, really big! Give them the opportunity to feel proud of a huge accomplishment! Make sure they are as ready as they can be for one of the biggest moments of their little life — starting school.

Read for Prizes

Getting to 1,000 books is fun and easy! Earn a sticker and treasure prize for every 100 books you read, as well as fun midway and finisher prizes!

Log 500 books and pick up your midway prize!

A book bag and a book.

1000 books is just the beginning!

Little girl reading a book

Finish the program and earn a tshirt and certificate to celebrate all your hard work!

Events for Young Readers

Special programs at our library that are perfect for getting children excited about books, reading and all things learning.


  • Ask our friendly staff for suggestions — we’re here to help you on your journey to 1,000 books before kindergarten!
  • Visit Salina Public Library often for free programs that are fun and educational for your little one and to find great books to share with your child.
  • Build literacy skills by singing songs, saying rhymes, telling stories, and playing with your child.
  •  Don’t stop at 1,000. Keep on reading together; there’s more learning ahead!