You can print to our printers from library computers using the printing interface, or print from your own device — even if you’re not in the library!

Using the directions below, send your document to print and then pick it up the same day. We only offer black and white prints. Printing costs $0.10 per page (cash only); double-sided is considered two pages.

email Print using email
  1. Forward your email to the printer you’d like to pick up from:
  2. Your order will be sent to the printer using the email’s subject line as the name of the print job; email attachments you wish to print will be sent to the printer as a separate document
  3. Pick up your print job at the desk you selected.

laptop_windows Print using a browser
  1. Go to
  2. Under ‘Printer,’ select the printer you’d like to print from
  3. Under ‘User Info,’ enter your email address. This is how you will identify yourself when you pick up your print job
  4. Under ‘Select Document,’ browse to upload and print a document from your device, or you can copy and paste the URL address of a web page you wish to print
  5. Click the green printer icon to send it to the printer. You’ll then see a confirmation page with a job reference number
  6. Pick up your print job at the desk.

smartphone Print using a mobile device
    • If you’re printing an email attachment, use the Print using email steps
    • If you’re printing a file saved to your device, use the Print using a browser steps
    • If you’d prefer to use an app, you can download the PrinterOn app for iOS or Android