Celebrate Kansas Day with Salina Public Library by learning more about the state’s history. The documentary “Fort Harker: Gateway Post to the Frontier” will be shown from 2-4 p.m. Jan. 25 in the Prescott Room. Filmmaker, Greg Heller, and videographer/producer, Steve Stuls, will answer questions and have DVDs available for purchase after the film.

Fort Harker, located in Kanopolis, was an active military installation from 1866 to 1873. It was a major distribution point for all military points farther west and was one of the most important military stations west of the Missouri River. The fort played a central role in the ongoing Indian Wars between the U.S. Army and the natives of the Great Plains.

Heller is the historian and interpretive guide at Fort Harker Guard House Museum in Kanopolis. In that position, he started the Fort Harker Facebook page and Haunted Fort Harker Ghost Tours, and organized the Grand Reunion of Forsyth Scouts which on Aug. 25, 2018, at Fort Harker, celebrated the 150th Anniversary of the formation of Forsyth Scouts and the Battle of Beecher Island. Heller is a retired Texas Peace Officer and attended the University of Texas and Dodge City Community College studying Criminal Justice and American History. He is a founding member of the Kansas Alliance of Professional Historic Performers.

Stults, and independent filmmaker, has more than 15 years of experience with video editing and production. “Fort Harker: Gateway Post to the Frontier” is his first documentary and motion picture project.   Having lived in Kansas for over 25 years, Stults and his film company, Post Rock Studios of Kansas, focuses on Kansas history. He is a graduate of the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in journalism and mass communication.

The screening is free and no registration is required. For more information, contact Librarian Barbara Mulvihill at infoservices.barbara@salpublib.org or (785) 825-4624, ext. 234.