Greetings, friends! It is so good to talk to you again.
Do you know what I am super excited about? It’s Spring!
Spring might be my favorite season of all. 

Everything outside is starting to wake up from its winter nap. The grass is starting to pop up green again. There will soon be buds on the trees and bushes. The weather will be warmer so we can be outside more. It’s such an exciting time! Do you like Spring too?

This is the time my family starts working on our garden. We started planting seeds inside and cleaning up the garden beds. Once the seeds sprout and get big enough, then we put them outside in the garden.

We are planting tomatoes and potatoes. Potatoes are my mama’s favorite. There are also going to be herbs like parsley and cilantro, which are mine and Trinket’s favorites. Oh, and lettuce and carrots too! What type of vegetables and fruits do you like? Have you planted your own before?

We also went to the library and Ms. Heather showed us how to make garden stakes so we know where we planted each plant.

The kids there made so many cool stakes. You can make them in lots of different ways with stuff from around your house.

 My Garden by Kevin Henkes

A Green, Green Garden by Mercer Mayer

Spring by Ann Herriges

Spring Surprises by Anna Jane Hays

Spring Stinks by Ryan T Higgins