Put on your learning caps and snuggle up with your kiddos! I have 10 more captivating and beautifully illustrated non-fiction picture books for you to enjoy together.

Caves by Nell Cross Beckerman

Using evocative storytelling, Nell Cross Beckerman urges children to explore one of nature’s most curious ecosystems. Dramatic, poetic language guides kids through different caves around the world while nonfiction text allows for deeper understanding.

The Whale Who Swam Through Time by Alex Boersma

This sweeping nonfiction picture book explores the 200-year lifespan of a bowhead whale and the changing environment that surrounds her.

Listen by Shannon Stocker

A gorgeous and empowering picture book biography about Evelyn Glennie, a deaf woman, who became the first full-time solo percussionist in the world.

The Girl Who Could Fix Anything by Mara Rockliff

This true story of a woman whose brilliance and mechanical expertise helped Britain win World War II is sure to inspire STEM readers and fans of amazing women in history. 

Action!: How Movies Began by Meghan McCarthy

Award-winning nonfiction creator Meghan McCarthy tells the story of how motion pictures came to be invented and the story of the many people who helped create them. Movies take us on adventures, introduce us to new worlds, and make us feel, but how did they start?

Sea Lions in the Parking Lot by Lenora Todaro

What would happen if people all around the world stayed inside, away from animals’ habitats? Twelve fascinating real-life stories of creatures around the globe who reclaimed their habitat during the COVID-19 quarantine show animal lovers and aspiring citizen scientists how to help wildlife by fighting habitat loss.

A Race Around the World by Caroline Starr Rose

The true story of two women who raced against time–and each other! In 1889, New York reporter Nellie Bly–inspired by Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days –began a circumnavigation she hoped to complete in less time. Her trip was sponsored by her employer, The World. Just hours after her ship set out across the Atlantic, another New York publication put writer Elizabeth Bisland on a westbound train. Bisland was headed around the world in the opposite direction, thinking she could beat Bly’s time. Only one woman could win the race, but both completed their journeys in record time.

The Wisdom of Trees by Lita Judge

With lush illustrations, poems, and accessible scientific information, The Wisdom of Trees by Lita Judge is a fascinating exploration of the hidden communities trees create to strengthen themselves and others.

Butterfly for a King by Susan L. Roth

The fascinating true story of a beautiful native Hawaiian butterfly, a great Hawaiian warrior king, and current-day efforts by scientists and citizens to restore the butterfly’s declining population.

Jack Knight’s Brave Flight by Jill Esbaum

High-flying history is brought to life in this suspenseful story of an unknown and daring pilot named Jack Knight, who in 1921 flew his biplane straight into a blizzard over America’s heartland and saved the US Air Mail Service in the process.